A Line In The Sand

June 22, 2006 0
By Kevin Haime, CPGA Teaching Professional, www.kevinhaime.com When it comes to which shot is the toughest in golf for the average player it is no contest.  You can talk all you want about long irons […]

IRELAND – Their Cup Runneth Over!

June 5, 2006 0
The eyes of the golfing world are firmly fixed on Ireland with the 36th Ryder Cup due to be held at the K Club from September 22 – 24, 2006.  This great tournament is adding […]

West Virginia 7

June 5, 2006 0
To The Tops of Mountains And Depths of Valleys “The Mountain State” – the name all makes sense when you arrive in West Virginia and catch of glimpse of the landscape.  Often overlooked by golf […]

Reno-Tahoe: Bright Lights, Big Nature

June 1, 2006 0
Originally a summer meeting place for three tribes of American Indians, essentially the Lake Tahoe area of Nevada has not changed in hundreds of years.  Oh, there might be a few more casinos, hotels and […]