Man-Made Thunder

October 15, 2011 0
Day three of our 2011 golf road trip in North Carolina produced something pretty unique. Driving from Raleigh this morning to the Fayetteville area Flagstick Publisher Jeff Bauder and myself  didn’t imagine the symphony of […]

Wakefield & Barbecue

October 14, 2011 0
All days that end with good Carolina barbecue have to be respected.  That was the case for us today as our road trip through North Carolina continued in the Raleigh region. Dinner at The Pit, […]

“Pure” – Raleigh Country Club

October 13, 2011 0
When Canadian Tour player Brad Revell heard that I was going to play the Raleigh Country Club today, the former North Carolina State Wolfpack golfer had a one word description for the place – “pure”.  He was […]

Of Conversations and Bumper Stickers

October 12, 2011 0
A lot goes on as you cover 1000 kilometres in the confined spaces of a vehicle.  As anybody who has ever taken a golf road trip will tell you, you never know what to expect […]

Vancouver Continues To Shine

August 8, 2011 0
by Adam Stanley, Contributor, Vancouver has seen a lot these past 18 months or so, and could arguably be called the greatest sports city in Canada right now. February 12, 2010 saw the beginning […]

Scotland – The Ultimate Golf Road Trip

June 28, 2011 0
(This article originally appeared in the June 2011 print issue of Flagstick Golf Magazine) by Scott MacLeod As we move into adulthood, for most of us, the anticipation of things like Christmas day and birthdays seems to […]

Road Trip: Cruising In Carolina

September 23, 2010 0
– North Carolina Golf At Its Finest- For the start I knew this could be a significant golf road trip for myself and Flagstick Publisher Jeff Bauder.  For one thing we were returning to one […]

4 Great Golf Getaways on Vancouver Island

September 15, 2006 0
by Andrew Penner There’s something about being on an island that makes a holiday that much sweeter.  Islands have a way of upping the leisurely power of a trip.  But, let’s face it, when a […]

North Carolina: A Bastion Of Golf Excellence

September 15, 2006 0
For those of you that have been to North Carolina to golf, you will certainly comprehend the title of this story.  For those who are thinking of making the pilgrimage, think of golf there as […]

Sun Worship

September 15, 2006 0
-Plenty To Admire In St. Petersburg – Clearwater– There is Florida, and then there is the Florida for those who know their way around the state.  The difference?  It is a subtle one but for […]

Texas Two Step

September 5, 2006 0
– A Pair of Texas Resorts Shine In The Spotlight- A Flagstick For Women Travel Story From the moment you arrive in Texas, you always seem to feel welcome.  Maybe it is the sweet rhythm […]

Adirondack Adventure

September 5, 2006 0
Each fall it hard not to glow with admiration for the Adirondack Region of New York State.  The low-slung ridges of its mountain ridges absolutely glow with the bright palette of the turning leaves, making […]

Island Hopping: Caribbean Delights

August 5, 2006 0
If you are like many golfers you have completed your fare share of domestic golf trips.  As interesting and appealing as golf destinations can be within Canada and the United States, in no way can […]

“Park It Right Here” For Tennessee Golf

July 1, 2006 0
For those who have never visited the American state of Tennessee, often their impression of the place is a bit skewed.  They immediately associate it with country music and imagine a barren land of farms […]
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