Peter Asma – Ready For Anything

January 19, 2015 0

Golf is a changing industry.  In many aspects. Rather than complain about turmoil some people choose to prepare for it so they’re ready to deal with it when it comes. Count Peter Asma about those […]

Thom Miller – Loving Every Minute Of It

September 12, 2014 0

by Joe McLean “From the moment I started working behind the counter at the Glen Eagle Golf Club in Bolton, Ontario, I knew that I wanted to stay in the industry.” The above words by […]

Alexa Stirling-Fraser

August 5, 2014 0

Alexa Stirling Fraser – The Empress of Golf “ Alexa Stirling Defeats Bobby Jones,” would have made a great headline. When Alexa Stirling was twelve years old (in 1908), she defeated six-year-old Bobby Jones in […]

Don Rioux

July 1, 2014 0

 – Chasing The Perfect Swing – Don Rioux is the Director of Instruction at The Marshes Golf Club in Kanata, Ontario.  He has an insatiable appetite for the study of the golf swing and also […]

Chris Bernard

May 28, 2014 0

Chris Bernard – “Teaching Is My Passion” There are moments in our lives we won’t soon forget. They might change a lot that very second but they eventually have an impact on our entire lives. […]

Dany Lacombe

March 27, 2014 0

Perseverance Pays Off – Dany Lacombe The life lessons learned as a young man have paid dividends for Dany Lacombe, Director of Operations at the GreyHawk Golf Club in Ottawa’s East end. Whether it was […]

Diane Dolan

March 4, 2014 0

The Stellar Season by Joe McLean Take one look at Diane Dolan’s tournament record for 2013 (see below) and I expect you’ll be exhausted reading it.  Just putting the entire tally on paper is one […]

Claude and Daniel Leclair

January 2, 2014 0

Brother Act  Families and business are often a unpredictable mix.  The emotions cased by the fusion of the two can frequently result in all sorts of catastrophic situations.  That is hardly the case for the […]

Paul Carrothers

July 15, 2013 0

A Royal Pro Picture a fourteen year old youngster sneaking through a hole in a fence to play a few holes at Pointe-Claire, Quebec’s Beaconsfield Golf Club. That young man probably had no thoughts of […]

Lise Jubinville

June 19, 2013 0

Chasing the Elusive Perfect Game “My parents provided the biggest influence on my golf career. They signed me up for junior golf at a time when that was uncommon and made family golf outings part […]

William Lynwood (Lyn) Stewart

April 29, 2013 0

Golf Visionary The history of the grand old game became a passion for William Lynnwood (Lyn) Stewart – the owner/operator of two Quebec golf courses in the Ottawa area and the first golf museum in […]

Kurtis Barkley

April 4, 2013 0

Getting The Most Out of His Game His golfing record is impeccable.  Back to back Upper Canada Opens, four Morrisburg Opens in a row, seven straight Cedar Glen Club Championships, and most impressive – never […]

Chris Learmonth

December 13, 2012 0

On The Ride of A Lifetime   At the age of forty-six Chris Learmonth is coming off one of the highlights of his lengthy career in golf.  In late August he prevailed at the Titleist/FootJoy […]

Steve Verrall

September 13, 2012 0

Royal Keeper  – by Joe McLean Who among us can honestly say that after over 30 years at the same job that they still enjoy their job and look forward to going to work each […]

Ernie Wakelam

August 13, 2012 0

Small in Stature but Big in His Profession If he had been a little taller as a youngster the golf world might not have heard about Ernie Wakelam, one of Canada’s significant golf professionals who […]

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