Ogilvy and PUMA a Perfect Partnership

December 9, 2008 0

In what could a a rocky year ahead in the golf business we look to identify a few brands that we expect to stay strong. Watch for upcoming stories in this series as we prepare […]

Sergio Takes On Africa’s Extreme 19th

December 3, 2008 0

I started a thread the other day over at Golf Discussion Board GolfWRX.com about the Extreme 19th golf hole that was built in Africa. The thread (seen here) has quickly gained more than a 1000 […]

Kudos For OGIO

November 24, 2008 0

With so many products on the market it can be hard to stand out but I have to give some Kudos to the team at OGIO, a Utah-based lifestyle product manufacturer. Their ability to make […]

Cuts At RCGA In Line With Outlined Plans

November 11, 2008 0

When Scott Simmons took over as Executive Director at the Royal Canadian Golf Association last year he promised a future for the group with more accountability and less bloat. It looks like they are on […]

A Busy Week For Callaway – Odyssey Golf

November 10, 2008 0

While plenty of golfers were preparing to lay down their golf clubs for another season the good folks at Callaway Golf and their subsidiary, Odyssey Golf, looked more like they were gearing up for the […]

Golfing Tragedy – Twenty Years After

November 6, 2008 0

I don’t have a lot to write about today as I am deeply involved in working on some print features for 2009 editions of Flagstick but I thought I would at least provide some thought-provoking […]


October 26, 2008 0

Just a quick post today to check in and assert that I am still alive. My internet access was spotty the last few days as I toured through Kentucky and Tennessee. We had some great […]

Kentucky Day 3

October 18, 2008 0

Finally had a chance to play a full round of golf here today in Kentucky. The State Park system here has nineteen layouts of varying quality and amazingly a year long trail pass to get […]

Golf & Horsies

October 17, 2008 0

I flew into Louisville, Kentucky yesterday along with Flagstick Publisher Jeff Bauder. We are here as part of a two state tour to check for a 2009 travel piece. Not much golf to report on […]

Friday Matters

October 10, 2008 0

Here is Canada we have a long weekend ahead but before I get to that and a chance to sit by the dock for a few days I thought I would drop a post. A […]

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