Behind The Scenes

Putting together and running a golf tournament is hard work; don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

We just completed the 3rd Flagstick Golf Magazine Amateur Shootout at Smuggler’s Glen over the weekend.  It is always a rewarding experience and we enjoy the feedback from the players.  It is a tournament for better amateur golfers so there is definite pressure to put on a first-class experience.  Almost all in the field have lengthy tournament experience but with our goal of it being the best one they play in all year – it takes a little extra work to make that happen.

I’ll not get into the details of the many committee meetings, endless checklists, and the 15 hour days during the three days surrounding the 36-hole, two-day tournament, but let’s just say a lot has to happen for just one competition to take place.  There is always a lot more than you see and if players seems to think everything  goes off without a hitch – then it has been a success.

As a competitive golfer myself I did not even appreciate all that went into operating a tournament; there are just so many details that you forget about as a player focussed only on how you play.  That all changed for me when we took over sponsorship of a tournament in 2000, eventually leading to the current tournament at Smugglers Glen Golf Course.

I say all this not to gather praise for the Flagstick Team in running a tournament, but just as another reminder for those that play in events to appreciate all that is being done to make their experience as smooth as possible.

In the end, we get many thanks from players after our tournament has concluded.

It is a simple reward but it is always a welcome one that makes you feel that all the work was really worth it.

I’m already looking forward to next year…