Keeping The Golf Dream Alive – A Chat With Todd Keirstead of Bring Back The Game (Video)

Golf means a lot of different things to everyone. Some people play competitively, some people play socially, and some use it as a bond with family. Unfortunately there are those who have had a passion for the game extinguished by struggles that come into their lives. They can be physical or emotional hurdles.

It becomes a barrier that changes their lives and may have also affect how, or if, they have golf continue for them.

Todd Keirstead wants to help them – anybody who feels they cannot play golf for some reason. In fact, the PGA of Canada professional is doing so, even if it means doing it one person at a time.

Through his Bring Back The Game Program, his reach is growing stronger. Especially now that he has more corporate support.

We recently sat down with Todd at the Ottawa-Gatineau Golf Expo to discuss what Bring Back The Game is all about and he shared some amazing stories about how it has, and is, making a difference.