Preparing For Oakmont – New Videos From Titleist Capture Essence Of Steel City

A new series of video by Titleist pay tribute to the people of Pittsburgh as they prepare to welcome the 116th U.S. Open at Oakmont

You only have to spend some time in Western Pennsylvania to understand what place golf has in the hearts and lives of the people who reside there.

In a region where hard work, often in mines and steel mills, laid the foundation for Pittsburgh and surrounds, the retreat golf provides has always been revered. It’s part of the sporting fabric of the community; a way that the rolling landscape can be enjoyed with friends and family.

As the United States Open Championship returns to the revered Oakmont Country Club, one golf manufacturer decided to pay tribute in a unique way. For sure, it’s content marketing, but what you’ll note in the latest “WhereAbouts” Steel City videos from Titleist is that there is not much selling going on. The product push is subtle but not so overt to interfere with the great stories being told in the vignettes that celebrate life, and the people, in a place that will be the focus of the golf world from June 13-19.

In line with their company history Titleist has been very conservative with their move into social media but with material like this they are making their presence known in that space. At the same time is seems to align nicely with their fundamental values.