Walking Down Memory Lane… (Video)

The first memories of golf often linger the longest...

For many of us that play golf, our experience with the sport was shaped by our first touch points.

That may mean recalling the initial time a golf club was put into your hands, the familiar crack of the ball off your first driver, or putting for a hot dog on the practice green with a childhood friend .

These make for great stories. They are the tales that inspire us and show people that the sport is about far more than the players of the PGA TOUR chasing $1 million dollar cheques.

They, too, had to get their start somewhere and often their past golfing moments are more cherished than tournament highlights on the world’s biggest stages.

Which brings us to the latest Vlog by Ottawa-raised Andrew Jensen.

In just under eight minutes Jensen crystallizes why the Hylands Golf Club, where his father Al Jensen was the Head Professional for many years, means so much to him.

His narrative does more than that, however. It leads you into thinking about your own first memories of the sport.

And that is never a bad place to hang out.