Product Watch: PXG Holds Nothing Back With New All-Milled 0311 ST Irons

Just when PXG has us thinking that they would firmly keep their toe dipped into a slightly less premium market after the recent issuing of their Gen2 irons, the upstart Arizona company has pushed their boundaries even higher.

In fact, you begin to wonder what their limits are, if any, when it comes to churning out no-holds-barred products.

Fortunately, for real golf club aficionados, there is more than an estimated retail price of $650 (USD) a club when it comes to talking about the PXG 0311 ST – Super Tour irons.

The new sticks do something at a commercial level until a few years ago would have only been found in one of situations – fully shaping irons heads only using a milling process.

The costly undertaking was the choice for these clubs that PXG staffer Ryan Moore has worked into his bag.

To be expected, Moore, a 5-time PGA TOUR winner says he loves the irons and, equally unsurprising, is that PXG Founder Bob Parsons says they could not pry the clubs out of Moore’s hands after he tried them.

When you consider that the heads are milled directly from a triple-forged billet of 8620 carbon steel and that Moore knows how to find the centre of the face, it’s no doubt that the feel alone would grab his attention.

Casual golfers may not have the same feedback unless they can find the middle of the club regularly with this refined design, but for those with the cash and the willingness to chase that elusive feel, this might be right up their alley.

The CNC milling process allows the club design to be accurately and precisely replicated and also ensure specifications are bang on with this narrow sole, short blade length model.

To help prevent long term corrosion and reduce glare nickel-chrome plating is used to finish each head.

Fittings are already available with product beginning to ship in late September so you still have time to save up. Of course, if you need to desperately scratch cash together to buy a set like this, it may not be for you.

That said, don’t expect the premium iron market to go away any time soon. Several manufacturers are targeting this niche and while it may not be a big one, it certainly has some fans.