Lamkin Debuts Three Line Grip Lines at PGA Show

One of the stalwarts of the golf grip business, the Lamkin Corporation, is set to preview three new grip lines at the PGA Merchandise show this week. The TS1, Comfort PLUS and SONAR grips will be available in early April. Each new grip in the portfolio offers unique performance characteristics appealing to a wide range of players and reinforcing their brand promise to deliver a perfect grip for every golfer.

The launch of the new lines marks a point in Lamkin’s 92 year history where the iconic brand says they pushing the boundaries in technology and material innovation yet again. “We’ve examined every aspect of our business, from compound development and surface textures through manufacturing processes. We want to ensure we’re delivering the highest quality, best feeling and most functional grips in the world but appreciate that every golfer will have a different take on those qualities,” explains Lamkin CEO and President Bob Lamkin. “These three grip lines use new materials, new surface textures and have new levels of comfort and durability. We’ve not accepted any compromises and this has enabled us to take a huge step forward in the grip market.”


TS1 is a distinctive high-performance grip that delivers exceptional feel and performance. Made with new proprietary hybrid materials that are slightly softer than traditional rubbers, the TS1 retains exceptional durability, while its functional micro-textures and surface patterns optimize torsional stability and grip control. Dual compound construction combines with a reduced taper profile and a slightly larger lower hand, to enhance grip confidence and promote a light-pressure grip for greater consistency and control. TS1 is the perfect grip for golfers with a higher swing speed who want exceptional traction without compromising on feel.

Comfort PLUS

Comfort PLUS is for golfers that prefer a soft and shock absorbing feel, but value the durability and feedback of traditional rubber grips. Using the new DSX material with a shallow micro-texture pattern and a unique unbuffed finish, Comfort PLUS delivers an extremely tacky feel and a lighter, smoother surface texture. With a reduced-taper, straighter profile, Comfort PLUS encourages an ideal light-pressure grip that enables golfers to fully benefit from the swing benefits of this softer, more comfortable grip.


SONAR is designed to be exceptionally durable, highly comfortable performance grip that perfectly bridges the gap between TS1 and Comfort PLUS. A new system of functional micro-textures provides torsional stability in the upper hand while performance-enhancing control panels in the lower hand combine with a reduced taper profile to promote the ideal light-pressure grip for greater consistency and control. A durable, tacky, comfortable and responsive feel make SONAR ideally suited for a wide range of golfers who want to get the best out of their game.

All three lines will be previewed at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando and will be available at select golf retailers and at in spring 2018.