“RIBCOR” Technology Touted In New TaylorMade M3 & M4 Irons

2018 TaylorMade M3 iron

Not long ago TaylorMade Golf brought their P730, P770, and P790 irons to market for the skilled player. For those golfers looking for a bit more assistance but wanting to stick to the brand, the company is releasing M3 and M4 irons. They are the successors to the M1 and M2 irons.

The key upgrade in these designs, according to the company, is a new way to augment the head and supports the face. They call it “RIBCOR” technology and say it stiffens the outer structure of the clubface while allowing the face to flex – allowing more energy transfer to the golf ball. The key being that the biggest increase occurs in areas of the clubhead that would be considered a miss-strike.

The claim is that it works in concert with the face slots to help create less deviation in ballspeed across a wider area of the iron heads while also improving sound and feel.

We can’t tell you that is true, yet, but expect to have a chance to test both models later this month at the PGA Merchandise Show.

2018 TaylorMade M4 iron

M4 Irons – Max Forgiveness

Players looking for a ton of help will gravitate to the M4 irons. They max out what TaylorMade can offer for ball speed in an iron with a multitude of technology inclusions. Not only do they feature RIBCOR, but past TaylorMade inclusions like Face Slots, Speed Pocket, and Inverted Cone technology.

These are high moment of inertia sticks (24% higher than ’17 M2) made to stay stable during miss-hits to help you find the greens more often.

They will be offered in a 7-club set (starting at 4 iron) and are available down to the lob wedge.

Dealers will have them for sale as of February 16th in both steel ($999 CAD) and graphite shafts ($1,099 CAD).

The stock steel shafts are  the KBS MAX 85’s(S, R) while graphite stock shafts are the Fujikura ATMOS (7S, 6R, 5A). There are additional custom shaft options and M4 irons come standard with the TM Dual Feel grip.

2018 TaylorMade M3 iron

M3 Irons – Sleeker Forgiveness

For those wanting a TaylorMade iron that has a generous hitting area but are concerned about the look of an oversize clubhead, the M3 is the provided new solution. It is the evolution of the M1 iron (the M3 topline is actually thinner than the M1) with the addition of the latest TaylorMade design features, keying in mostly on the 3-7 irons.

Like the M4 iron, that means the use of RIBCOR to support the face structure. Unique to this iron is the use of a Tungsten weight in each head to both push down the centre of gravity and allow the clubhead to be more compact than the M4.

They, too, will be sold starting February 16th and be available all the way down to a sand wedge. Stock steel shaft will be the True Temper XP100 with the Mitsubishi Tensei being supplied as the stock graphite shaft.

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