PING Goes Camo With New Limited Edition Putter Models

PING PLD2 Ketsch RealTree Camo (Photo: PING)

Give PING credit, the golf equipment manufacturer is obviously paying attention to market trends. How else can you explain their latest putter offering, PLD2 putters featuring distinctive camouflage patterns?

The two PLD2 Ketsch models are the Camo Ketsch Realtree Xtra®, and the Camo Ketsch Muddy Girl®.

Both the models emanated from the company’s PING Putting Lab Design (PLD) program and are being offered in a limited run.

“The first thing that grabs you is the incredible detail of the camo design that makes these putters distinctive in the marketplace,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “We chose the award-winning Ketsch for this project because of its popularity with golfers and its unique geometry. Using a proprietary Permodize® anodized sealing process, we apply the multi-colored camo graphic to the milled 6061 aluminum head. The graphic permeates the material with vibrant and rich detail while creating an extremely hard, durable shell. The results are two putters that look amazing, perform great, and showcase our commitment to manufacturing innovations.”

Both mallets are milled from 6061 aluminum with stainless steel sole weights added and then have the heads completed with PING’s TR face. The True Roll club face design is intended to provide more consistent ball speeds across the entirety of the face.

“The complex geometry of the Ketsch model really challenged us to execute the process to its fullest extent,” Solheim said. “We achieved unmatched image quality that would be impossible to replicate with other manufacturing methods. This type of technology has functional and decorative applications that we look forward to utilizing in the future.”

The PLD2 Camo Ketsch Realtree Xtra and Camo Ketsch Muddy Girl putters are available through PING Authorized golf shops.

Each comes with a PP58 putter grip with colour accents and a matching camo design putter cover.