Precision Pro Doubles Up Audience With New NX7 Shot Rangefinder

Precision Pro Golf, known for its golf laser rangefinders, has announced the NX7 Shot Rangefinder.

In doing so they created a product that services two industries, golf, and hunting, with a product they claim will provide an “excellent experience in both use situations.”

“Through customer research we discovered many of our golfers also like to hunt and shoot and quite a few use our golf rangefinders for hunting. Knowing that a first priority golf rangefinder is not the ideal tool for hunting, we set out to develop a product that would include the features needed for both situations. We’re very excited about the package we’ve put together with NX7 Shot Rangefinder and how it will serve customers going forward,” says Clay Hood, Precision Pro Golf Co-Founder.

The NX7 Shot includes features that are suitable for both activity. The Target Acquisition Mode helps golfers lock into the flag, even for those who have shaky hands, claims the company.

The Hunting Last Priority Mode is designed to provide accurate readings to the target for hunters in crowded areas where branches and leaves may cause line of site issues. The Scanning Mode feature works for both as the user can scan multiple targets in one motion.

The NX7 Shot is wrapped in a camo design that allows it to blend in or stand out, depending on the surroundings. The NX7 Shot is water-resistant and shock proof to stand up to the elements on and off the course. A 2-year warranty and Precision Pro Golf’s industry leading customer service package are included as well.

The NX7 Shot Rangefinder retails in Canada for $349 and will be available starting March 1, 2018 .