Preview: Odyssey Golf Launches O-Works Putter Line

Nine familiar shapes is just a start to the details of the new O-Works line of putters from Odyssey Golf.

Set to hit retail on February 17th, the latest product range from the company that owns a large slice of the retail putter market (which started with the Two-Ball putter that came out 15 years ago) sports heavy innovation in the form a striking new insert.

Austie Rollinson, Chief Designer for Odyssey Golf, recently told Flagstick.com that the new “Microhinge” insert has roll as a focus more than feel alone.

‘The Microhinge insert is all about roll, putting topspin on the balls,” said Rollinson who has spent his last 25 years in the golf business, 18 of those at Odyssey Golf.

He says the new insert design, which requires 23 steps to make, is intended to reduce skidding and bouncing of the ball, especially in the critical time just after impact.

“If something has topspin when it hits the ground it’s going to pitch forward so you can get the ball in contact with the ground sooner, which will help make your overall distance more consistent. By that, it can help control the skid, and all golf balls when you putt are going to have some skid before you have pure roll. If you can control that skid you can control your overall distance and that is where Microhinge helps. The little hinges on the face seem like protrusions but they are actually hinges that help lift the ball and immediately help put topspin on the ball, which helps control that skid and the roll distance.”

Microhinge technology consists of two pieces: a 304 stainless steel Hinge Plate backed by a soft thermoplastic elastomer inner layer. The Hinge Plate is populated with “microhinges” designed to gently flex and rebound at impact to impart forward spin.

The company says that in their robot testing the technology promoted almost two times as much spin as the Fusion RX Insert they have offered on past products.

The goal is to help average players create the more effective ball roll conditions that the best players in the world do. That’s not stopping pros from getting in on the action either. The first pro to put the insert into play was Phil Mickelson at the 2016 Ryder Cup. You can read about how that happened here.

“Tour pros are much better putters than amateur golfers, partly because Tour pros impart forward-spin at impact for a smooth, accurate roll,” said Rollinson. “Microhinge technology promotes the kind of Tour-level forward-spin that can immediately help golfers at any level putt better.”

Of course, an insert alone might not be enough to attract Canadian golfers who will need to put out nearly $300 to acquire these new putters. As Rollinson explained in the interview below, the finishes and details are all refined for the most premium look you can get in a cast putter from Odyssey Golf.

The O-Works putters are available in nine different head shapes (with new Versa alignment and counter-balanced models as well) : blades – #1, #1 Wide, #2, #9 mallets – #7, #7 Tank, 2-Ball, V-Line Face CH, R-Line. (Tank #1 is also available).

Austie Rollinson, Chief Designer, Odyssey Golf, on O-Works Putters


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