Product Watch: 6th Size Option Added To U.S. Kids Tour Series

Caught between two worlds. That’s the situation for many young golfers these days when it comes to golf equipment. They may be too skilled and powerful for the golf sets traditionally marketed to juniors, but they don’t have the physical size and strength to play adult clubs.

Their options may be limited (and cut-down adult clubs is NOT one of them) but one company with a solution is U.S. Kids, a long-time leader in the junior equipment segment.

The company, who has specialized in gear for the younger set since their founding in 1997, offers up their Tour Series which continues to expand in offerings. The line comes in six different sizes based on the golfers height and, for 2019, they have added a very critical 66″ height set for the golfer REALLY caught in between two worlds.

U.S. Kids Tour Series

Best Of Adult Equipment, At Scale

“To develop Tour Series we took the best of the adult market, the shafts, the composition, the heads, and we brought that down to our Tour Series product in scale for even nine year-olds or eight year-olds,” says U.S. Kids President and Founder Dan Van Horn.

The company engaged the use of data from TrackMan technology, the leading radar-based launch monitor system, to optimize the Tour Series clubs for launch, distance, spin, and consistency.

The company says these sets are the most technologically advanced they clubs they offer. As opposed to their regular junior sets, the Tour Issue models have slightly heavier head weights, slightly stiffer shafts, and lower lofts to optimize trajectory.

For more information visit the U.S. Kids website here, and for Canadian pricing and dealer information email at Sunshine Golf, their Canadian Distributor.