Product Watch Review: Precision Pro NX-7 Rangefinder

Distance measuring devices – laser rangefinders and GPS measuring devices, have become pervasive in golf. The technology continues to development and the range of products is rising rapidly.

So too, are the prices.

But thankfully, there are options.

Throughout 2017 we spent a lot of time testing one of these just to be sure about how it performed.

The Precision Pro NX-7 may not be the first name you think of when you consider laser rangefinders but that does not mean it should be worth you consideration.

In fact, if you are there are few compromises with the value-priced Precision Pro models versus over other leading brands.

The NX-7 comes in two models, the Standard and the Pro version.

We tested the standard model; this followed a test period with another product from the company – the Nexus rangefinder.

Smaller, Faster

The NX-7 model is both more compact (about 25% says the company) than the Nexus and makes up for what the even lower-priced model lacked – speed. Target acquisition and the display of yardages (up to 400 yards) takes place at a pace equal to units priced up to 50% higher. In fact, it was but a hair slower than a $600 unit we tested from another company.

The rubberized finish is easy to grip, especially with the compact size and we had few issues accurately honing in on the flag or other targets. The 6x magnification of the viewer help in this process as well. Accuracy is claimed at +/- 1 yard and that came through when compared at the same time with other measuring devices.

If you’re a real superstar, you’ll find that measurements are made down to a 1/10 of a yard. Yes, it’s more precise than we really are as golfers.

Fully water-resistant, we had no issues with product failure is some very wet conditions, of which there was a lot to test in this past season.

The NX-7 unit also proved to be rugged as it accidentally slid out of the golf cart and rolled along the ground during a couple of rounds yet showed no major damage.

On that note, we might have been better off storing the NX-7 in the supplied case, which has a solid structure and is easily accessible with a fold over, elasticized, enclosure. It’s a good upgrade over the soft case provided for the Nexus model where the velcro eventually separated.

More Than A Cheaper Option

At under $200 (USD) it’s a solid consideration. either for yourself or as a gift someone else. Don’t just look at it as a cheaper option, you’ll be more than happy with its features and performance. It is also backed by a two-year warranty.

We’ll also let you know when the battery dies. We put about 30 rounds on the NX-7 and it’s still ticking along.

The only downfall from using the NX-7 was explaining the Precision Pro brand to people; most were not familiar with this emerging company. It’s small price to pay for saving some cash while still having a distance measuring device that gets the job done admirably.

For those who would like to have Slope adjustments, the NX-7 Pro versions runs about $50 more.

For more details on these products check out their page at this link.