Srixon Updates Z-STAR Golf Ball Family For 2019

The sixth generation of Srixon Z-STAR Series golf balls are on their way. They will find their way to retail next month.

The new Z-STAR Series is highlighted by a progressive core design in each model, both the Z- STAR XV and the Z-STAR. The ball core, what the company is calling the “FastLayer Core”, starts in the middle with the softest layers and features firmer layers as the ball works toward the cover of the four-piece creation.

The company claims a softer feel and more ball speed based on the design.

“Distance is one of the major strengths of my game, and I trust the performance of the Z-STAR XV like nothing else on Tour,” said Srizon ball user Cameron Champ, well known for his long driving ability. “The exceptional ball speed and distance that I’m able to generate with the Z-STAR Series gives me the unique opportunity to compete at an elite level week-in-and-week- out.”

Of course, plenty of attention has been paid to the core but this is not the only area where the ball differs from past generations of the product.

Adding to the previously used a 4th generation “Spin Skin” coating has been an enhancement with a urethane compound to help increase ball friction without resulting in cover shearing.

“Engineered for more spin and control, the Z-STAR Series features a Spin Skin coating enhanced with SeRM, an extremely flexible material,” Brunski said. “Never before has Srixon combined so many technologies in one golf ball, to produce more friction for more spin around the green.”

Similar components are used in the 2019 Z-STAR golf ball which has a greater focus on helping a player generate distance. To that end it has a three-piece design with a harder mantle layer and slightly higher compression.

Both models are available in White and Yellow coloured-covers and will be offered for sale in North America on February 1.

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