TaylorMade Steps Up Their Wedge Game With Milled Grind Models

TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges

Even the folks at TaylorMade Golf will admit the wedge category has not been their strongest in recent years. The new Milled Grind models may change that.

With a classic shape and enhanced feel, they will appeal to the traditionalist. The use of milling to create the wedge grind will also guarantee consistency from club to club.

Bur first they needed to find out what those grinds would be so they leaned on their Tour players for testing. Once determined they decided to use CNC milling to ensure the grind would be perfectly reproduced from wedge to wedge.

The use of milling also allowed them to ensure that the grinds – Low Bounce, Standard Grind, and High Bounce, along with other features of the wedges, from leading edges to grooves, will also have conformity.

Each wedge has a more old school feature (besides the shape), with a deep bore and shaft insertion that now extends to 1.5 inches. The heel then acts as a weight port, with that mass relocated more centrally in the head (for better feel) and the hosel end filled with lightweight polymer.

The new groove configuration has closer spacing and steeper walled grooves, over past TaylorMade models, resulting in lower launch angles and increased spin.

Effective from all sorts of lies, an additional dark finish option will also debut later in the year.

Milled Grind Wedges are available at retail now.