Product Watch – Titleist 816 H2 Hybrid

The Titleist 816 H2 Hybrid
The Titleist 816 H2 Hybrid
The Titleist 816 H2 Hybrid

This high launching model of the new 816 hybrids (the H1 is the other), the H2 delivers an easy to use club that integrates nicely within your set, replacing longer irons.

The softer gray finish lends itself to a look that blends better with the irons. The lack of an alignment guide on the crown may be an issue for some but in this case, we found it less distracting.

A relieved leading edge on the sole works easily through turf. It seems to reduce digging in tight lie situations from what we have seen in testing.

At impact the “Active Recoil Channel” provides flex in the lower part of the face to even out club head compression betweet the crown and sole and reduce the creation of unwanted extra spin.

We noted in testing that the extra face flex also seems to soften the overall feel at impact without hindering ball speeds.

Five lofts are offered (19, 21, 23, 25 and 27) and the SureFit hosel allows adjustability to loft and lie.