Titleist Adds Slate Blue Finish As Vokey SM7 Wedge Option

You can add Slate Blue to Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel and Jet Black as the finishes available for Vokey SM7 wedges.

The company announced today that wedges with the distinctive new colour, and extra durability will be coming to market in February.

To create the new look the company says the treatment involved a process like a PVD finish but with a different material, all done in a process that is more intensive – creating a deep, rich slate blue colour.

“Very often wedge finishes can be beautiful, but they won’t last,” Master Wedge Designer Bob Vokey said. “At the same time, the most durable finishes often aren’t stunning. Slate Blue combines the two. Not only will golfers love their wedge when they see it in the shop, the finish will last through the course of normal play.”

The Slate Blue will be available through the full range of Vokey SM7 wedges, encompassing some 23 loft, bounce, and grind options in both left and right hand.

The stock options for the new wedges will include a Nippon Modus3 125 shaft and a BV Wings New Decade Multi-Compound Black Grip. They will also be available for customization with many shafts and grips at no extra cost. Character stamping and additional custom features will be offered for extra cost through Vokey.com.

The stock price is (CDN) $259 and the Vokey SM7 Slate Blue wedges will be offered for sale as of February 15th.


– Scott MacLeod, Associate Publisher, Flagstick.com 

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