Titleist Irons With A Boost – T100•S Unveiled

Golfers who like a “tour” shaped iron but would not mind a few extra yardages provided by reduced lofts now have a new option in the Titleist family.

The company has unveiled a strong lofted option of the T100 irons, their most popular on Tour. The T100•S irons preserve all the features of the T100 but with loft adjustments of two degrees per club throughout the set.

“T100•S was developed as a Player’s Distance iron with an emphasis on the word Player’s. We’ve taken the most popular irons on the PGA Tour and carefully engineered them to maximize distance,” said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing.

“As we were launching the new T-Series, we met a lot of golfers who were really excited about T100 but had become accustomed to playing stronger-lofted iron sets. It would have been really easy to just take T100’s and bend them stronger for those players. But by doing that you start to sacrifice the incredible feel and turf interaction – the reasons why players were gravitating toward them in the first place. So our engineers went back and redesigned each individual iron to give these players the stronger lofts and distance they’re looking for, while preserving the performance of that pure forged shape and sole.”

Set lofts: 3 (19º), 4 (22º), 5 (25º), 6 (28º), 7 (32º), 8 (36º), 9 (40º), P (44º), W48.

The Titleist T100•S irons will be available for fitting as of March 12 an be in golf shop on March 27.