Tour Edges Adds Another Tour Level Wedge To Product Line

The world of wedges is one dominated by several major golf manufacturers, most notably those with great products, but also supported by heavy marketing budgets. Unfortunately that means that many consumers do not realize there are additional options that might meet their needs.

One such situation is with Tour Edge Golf and their new CBX Blade Wedges.

Tour Edge has been making some great wedges for years, ones that have included the latest technology. Golfers began to notice polymer inserts when PXG started to recently shine attention on them but Tour Edge was using them inside wedges for years. And CNC milling club faces and heads? Also something Tour Edge has been doing for some time.

The heritage of those innovations continues with the new Exotics CBX forged wedge series.

These wedges have the look that many players prefer, a pleasing rounded shape with a thin top line. In the sole David Glod, president and chief designer for Tour Edge, says they have included, “a unique combination of heel, toe and trailing edge grinding.”

He claims it will provide the golfer with a greater opportunity to hit a variety of successful shots around the greens.

“The new grinding process eliminates bounce from the heel and toe areas allowing players to easily open the face or shut it down for exceptional creativity around the green,” said Glod. “The CBX wedge technology all combines to give you the most precise scoring club available. We are really proud of this one.”

Finishing the clubhead are what the company calls, “Xtreme Spin Grooves” – a fancy term to say they are grooves that are the maximum allowable for depth and width by the Rules of Golf. The groove design is varied so that wedges with the higher lofts (54˚-60˚) have the widest grooves for maximum potential spin levels.

The Tour Edge Exotics CBX forged wedge series is available in True Temper Dynamic Gold wedge shafts in lofts of 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees.