Instruction – Become The Ruler of The Greens

Many golfers struggle with both the aim of their club face and path of their putter at impact. It’s often easy to see there is an issue, but just how do you go about correcting it?  And what if you don’t have access to modern putter measurement technology?

Grab ten dollars and head to your local hardware store. Once you do that, purchase a flat metal metre stick, and make a visit to your favourite practice green for a some training time.

Set up with the end of the ruler that does not have the hole in it next to the putting cup. Place your golf ball in the rule hole hole. Now use the edge of the ruler, and the vision of the ruler leading to the cup, to help you align to the target.

Stroke the ball and see if you can keep it on the ruler all the way into the cup. If you have a clubface that is open or closed, have a poor contact point, or vary the path away from the target line you will find that the ball will roll off the ruler before it gets to the hole.

With a very slick putting surface (the metre stick) you’ll also need some good touch to deal with the stimpmeter speed of about 20!

It’s harder than you think you but you soon find that an efficient and consistent stroke will allow you to successfully drain putts.

Test yourself out of ten attempts and see how much you can improve.

Your putting, especially on one metre putts, will be all the better for it.