Take Dead Aim When You Putt

This year in a feature on “Toys & Tech”, PGA pro Kevin Haime highlighted various tools (some very common ones) that we can use to help our golf game.  This was one of them from the July, 2016 issue of Flagstick Golf Magazine.

Proper aim is key to putting success
Proper aim is key to putting success

Take Dead Aim When You Putt: Years ago, during my training as a club fitting pro, I was shown the impact of aim on a golf game. That’s one of the reasons that our golf school uses alignment rods all the time to help golfers. Most golfers aim themselves improperly, and many of those golfers don’t even understand what proper alignment is. You’re not supposed to aim your feet and body at the target, you’re supposed to aim them parallel to your target line.

I strongly suggest you place a simple alignment rod along your toe line when you practice. It will help you hit better, straighter shots and that’s just as true when you putt. If your aim is just 1 degree off on a 10’ putt, you’ll miss the cup. It’s that important to take dead aim over every putt. 1 degree is literally the difference between a made and missed putt.

On the greens though, your arm alignment is your most important alignment because your arms are the only moving part when you swing your putter. Sure, it’s nice to aim everything properly but  you absolutely must align your arms perfectly. That’s why I love this simple little aid called “The Putting Stroke Teacher”. It ensures proper arm alignment and has the added benefits of levelling out your upper body and even quieting your wrists. It, or something like it, can really help you develop a more precise and quiet putting stroke.