Golf Travel: Guatemala Eruptions Have Golf Implications

La Reuion Resort with Volcan de Fuego in the background

Dozens have died and thousands have been displaced by the volcanic eruptions that struck in the country of Guatemala on June 3rd. It was announced that the eruption of Volcan de Fuego (Volcano of Fire) “officially” ended on Sunday but it resumed on Tuesday. At the same time as people’s lives have been ended or abruptly interrupted also comes news that it will have a lasting effect on the country’s golf tourism industry.

News came yesterday from the Dye family of course architects (Pete, Alice, Perry, and P.B.) that a property they have been involved in, La Reunion Golf Resort, has been massively impacted by the volcanic tragedy. The eruption of the unstable volcano resulted in an eight kilometre stream of lava and a thick cloud of ash that blanketed the area. This was the second time the 3,763 meter volcano had erupted this year.

The resort, which is located in Alotenango, played host to a PGA TOUR LatinoAmerica event. It was opened in 2009 after extensive development work by Pete and Perry Dye. They are devastated by the loss of the resort which employed over 200 people, many of whom have now lost their homes and some family members as well. The resort was directly in the path of the eruption.

“This project was one that was the source of great passion and pride for the Dye family, and to see it lost, and to see the amazing people who helped us build and run the resort facing such a tragedy is devastating,” they shared on their company Facebook page. “La Reunion welcomed golfers and visitors from all over the globe with open arms and provided amazing experiences for all of us who had the pleasure of visiting. It was simply one of the most amazing places in the world.“

The family is now coordinating efforts to provide some assistance to the many people affected by the tragedy.

They added, “The people of Guatemala are passionate and hardworking. They are strong and resilient. They will go on, but they will need our help. We are in the process of creating a donation website and will post more soon about how we can help these amazing people move forward.”