Spread Your Wings – Five Underknown Canadian Courses To Explore This Summer

White Point Golf Club (Photo: Tourism Nova Scotia)

If you know me, or read any of my words of the last two decades, then you are likely aware that there is no fairway that I find unfriendly. While others may turn up their nose at a golf course because it is not highly regarded, I prefer to think of all layouts as having some redeeming qualities.

Some of the most enjoyable golf for me has been played on little known, small courses, wayyyyy off the usual travel path of most golfers.

There are literally hundreds of courses I could recommend in this category. But I’ll start with just five I have enjoyed during my time traipsing across Canada.

If you have a chance, and your golf clubs are close at hand, don’t hesitate to stop in.

Two Eagles Golf (Westbank, BC)

The scorecard reads 5,005 yards at its full length and just a par of 65 but Two Eagles need not be dismissed in favour of brawnier courses nearby. With perfectly conditioned greens, water and mountain views, and a killer restaurant (19 Okanagan Bar & Grill) there is a lot here to please all your senses.

Pace of play is normally brisk and without a massive demand on length you can keep that wonky driver in the bag if you like.


Wakaw Lake Regional Golf Course (Wakaw, SK)

Along Highway 2, almost halfway on the trek between Saskatoon and Prince Albert, is Wakaw, Saskatchewan.

There you will find the 9 hole Wakaw Lake Regional Golf Course overlooking, what else? Wakaw Lake.

If you have the time, prepare to camp out, hit the beach, or even drop a line in the fish-laden lake before or after your round. The Regional Park offers plenty of amenities and in the heart of summer, is a sliver of prairie heaven.

Wakaw Lake

Michipocten Golf Club (Wawa, ON)

Sticking with the “W” theme, in the town of Wawa, Ontario is the Michipocten Golf Club. Another 9 holer, the layout of this course sits on a plateau above the Magpie river. The final chapter of the layout, the 9th hole, runs parallel to it.

Located not far off the Trans-Canada Highway, the course welcomes drop-ins and fees at the not-for-profit facility are very reasonable. It’s so much fun you will want to play a second loop, so fish out the extra $8 for the 18 hole rate.


Nackawic Golf & Country Club (Nackawic, NB)

Nackawic’s biggest claim to fame is being the home of the World’s Largest Axe but if you slip across the Saint John River you’ll find a 9 hole golf course where an axe has been a rare visitor. That is, except for the tee markers which are small replicas of the cutting implement the town is known for.

The Nackawic G&CC is carved through a dense forest of pines. In fact, they invite you to “Come play 9 in the pines.”

Small elevation changes and a friendly staff/ membership make this a worthwhile stop in you are in the Fredricton area or heading northwest from it.


White Point Golf Club (White Point, NS)

When people speak of golf in Nova Scotia many automatically have Cape Breton enter their thoughts, but there are plenty of intriguing courses on the mainland.

For nearly nine decades the quaint White Point Golf Club has been taking care of the leisurely needs of resort guests, members, and public golfers.

The nine hole course overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the views are simply stunning. Head pro Dave Kemshead calls it “the Pebble Beach of the North.”

White Point is a picturesque two hour drive south from Halifax but the journey, and the destination, are worth the effort.