Best Public Course
(Over $45 Green Fee)

eQuinelle Golf Club
Kemptville, Ontario

2nd - Smuggler’s Glen Golf Course
3rd - The Marshes Golf Club
4th - Loch March Golf Club
5th - Outaouais Golf Club

  The Next 5  
  6th - Le Sorcier Golf Club
7th - Black Bear Ridge
8th - Brockville CC
9th - Stonebridge G & CC
10th - Cedarhill G & CC
Best Public Course
(Under $45 Green Fee)

Renfrew Golf Club
Renfrew, Ontario

2nd - Whitetail Golf Club
3rd - Upper Canada
4th - Gatineau Golf Club
5th - Canadian G & CC

  The Next 10
  6th - Casselview G & CC
7th - Greensmere G & CC
8th - Mont Cascades GC
9th - Glen Lawrence GC
10th - Dragonfly Golf Links
11th - Prescott GC
12th - Oaks Of Cobden
13th - Homestead at Wolf Ridge
14th - Anderson Links
15th - Arnprior Golf Club
Best Overall Conditioning
(Public or Private)

eQuinelle Golf Club
Kemptville, Ontario

2nd - Rideau View Golf Club
3rd - Outaouais Golf Club
4th - Brockville Country Club
5th - Le Sorcier Golf Club


Best Overall Service
(Public or Private)

Casselview Golf Club
Casselman, Ontario

2nd - Loch March Golf Club
3rd - Le Sorcier Golf Club
4th - Canadian Golf & Country Club
5th - Metcalfe Golf Club

Best Clubhouse
(Public or Private)

Gatineau Golf Club
Gatineau, QC

2nd - The Marshes Golf Club
3rd - Falcon Ridge Golf Course
4th - Timber Run Golf Course
5th - Le Sorcier Golf Club


Best Teacher

Kevin Haime
Kevin Haime Golf Centre

2nd - Graham Gunn
3rd - Colin Orr
4th - Danielle Nadon
5th - Guy Beaulieu

Most Underrated Golf Course
(Public or Private)

Edelweiss Golf Club
Cantley, QC

2nd - Homestead at Wolf Ridge
3rd - Metcalfe Golf Club
4th - Dragonfly Golf Links
5th - Blue Heron Golf Club


Favourite Retail Golf Shop
(Off-Course Only)

Golftown Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario

2nd - Golfworks
3rd - Artisan Golf
4th - Nevada Bob’s
5th - 19th Tee Pro Shop

Favourite Par 3

#8 The Marshes Golf Club
Kanata, Ontario

2nd - #18 Nation GC
3rd - #3 Brockville CC

Favourite Par 4

#1 eQuinelle Golf Club
Kemptville, Ontario

2nd - #18 Outaouais GC
3rd - #14 Smuggler's Glen GC

Favourite Par 5

#18 Smugglers Glen Golf Course
Gananoque, Ontario

2nd - #2 The Marshes GC
3rd - #18 Eagle Creek GC