Metcalfe Golf 2018 Memberships

April 18, 2018 0
Being a member of a golf course is so much more then just playing golf…it is about a feeling of being part of something special.  Metcalfe Golf wants everyone in your family to feel special […]

Editor’s Desk: The Gift That Keeps Giving

March 14, 2017 0
(This column appears in the Spring print issue of Flagstick Golf Magazine) Dear Mom and Dad, It’s hard to believe it has been 37 years since that hot summer day in the Saskatchewan. I tried […]

So Many Reasons To Play Greensmere

June 10, 2016 0
There has never been a better time to get to Greensmere to golf this year.  Such amazing programs for every golfer including Play All Day, Any Day…Family Fun At 4 & the popular Twosome With […]