Behind The Curtain At The Rio Olympic Golf Course

Glitz, glamour. Pomp, circumstance. Each time the Olympics is conducted it is held up by many as the purest form of sport. At least, it once was.

In recent times the ugly underbelly of the beast has occasionally been exposed for the world to see and a recent story by Mark Townsend of National Club Golfer does exactly that. This time from the angle of the golf facility built to host the 2016 Olympic Games, marking the return of the sport to the modern Olympiad.

Townsend interviewed Mark Cleverly, the former British Royal Marine who acted as Superintendent for the Olympic golf course just outside Rio de Janeiro as it was prepared for the games.

His insights are eye-opening. And they also make you understand a little more why some golfers and athletes chose not to make the trip. For a lot more reasons than the Zika virus.

You can read the entire article here