Benson and Brault Prevail At Golf Quebec Spring Open

Yohann Benson, Professional champion of the event, with Étienne Brault, the amateur winner (Photo: Golf Quebec)

With a high-quality field in play at Beaconsfield Golf Club on Friday, May 31, it was no surprise that low scoring would follow at the Golf Quebec Spring Open.

The 90th edition of the highly-respected event drew a field of 129 players and saw a charge by a pro who had not graced the field for almost a decade.

Yohann Benson of Club Laval-sur-le-lac had a card marked with two bogies but offset them with an advantageous seven birdies. His five-under total of 66 gave the pro the overall title and put him ahead of two amateurs who would have to wrestle for the non-pro honours.

“I had not played here since a long time and was quite excited to compete in the Spring Open. I had time to practise a bit over the past few days and it surely paid off. Even if I made a few erratic shots, I managed to catch up with my game. Overall, it was such a beautiful day and I am very happy with my performance,” Benson related to Golf Quebec officials.

As mentioned, one stroke back of Benson, both with scores of 67, were amateurs Étienne Brault of Pinegrove and Julien Sale of Rivermead.

The pair headed off in a playoff for the amateur title that was left unresolved after an initial lap of the 18th hole when both made birdies.

Brault prevailed on the second extra hole when he made birdie again while Sale, the current #1 ranked amateur in Canada, made bogey.

“I struggled with my teeing shots, but I remained patient and, in the long run, it paid off. On hole #18, my strategy was to aim for the front of the green on my second stroke. This led me to register two birdies in the playoff and win. I am quite satisfied with today’s performance,” concluded Brault.

Final Leaderboard

1Yohann Benson (p)  Laval-sur-le-Lac ClubF-566
T2Étienne Brault (a)  PinegroveF-467
T2Julien Sale (a)  Rivermead GCF-467
4Solomon Coupal (a)  BlainvillierGCF-368
T5Zachary Tosi (a)  KanawakiF-269
T5Vaita Guillaume (p)  St-Georges GCF-269
T5Dave Levesque (p)  Golf Château-BromontF-269
T5Jeffrey Lebeau (a)  LongChampF-269
T9Jasmin Frappier (p)  Sorel-Tracy Les Dunes GCF-170
T9Sonny Michaud (p)  TempêteF-170
T11Noah Norton (a)  CaughnawagaGCFE71
T11Keven Fortin-Simard (p)  Lac St-JeanFE71
T11Max Gilbert (p)  St-Georges GCFE71
T11David Huxham (a)  BeaconsfieldFE71
T11Vincent Cacchione (p)  Club De Golf RosemereFE71
T16Nicholas Brisebois (a)  Kanata G&CCF+172
T16Yann Béland (p)  Versant Golf CenterF+172
T16Marc-André Champagne (p)  St-Jean LtéeF+172
T16Gregg Cuthill (p)  Whitlock G&CCF+172
T16Étienne Papineau (a)  PinegroveF+172
T16Vincent Blanchette (p)  PinegroveF+172
T16Louis-Alexandre Jobin-Colgan (a)  LoretteF+172
T23Jebb Nucci (a)  Royal Montreal GCF+273
T23David Lamontagne (a)  MilbyF+273
T23Marc-Olivier Plasse (a)  KanawakiF+273
T23Corey Eccles (a)  Royal Montreal GCF+273
T23A.J. McKenzie (p)  Royal Montreal GCF+273
T23Ryan Mitchell (a)  Royal Montreal GCF+273
T23Brandon Lacasse (p)  KnowltonF+273
T23Francis Berthiaume (p)  ValleyfieldF+273
T23David Tweddell (a)  Lac St-JosephF+273
T23Philippe Morency (p)  Lanaudière-Centre de GolfF+273
T23Benoit Boudreau (p)  Cerf GCF+273
T34Carl Gélinas (a)  Ki-8-EbF+374
T34Thomas Stafford (a)  Royal Montreal GCF+374
T34Stéphane Charbonneau (a)  Club de Golf Ile de MontF+374
T34Carl Pelletier (p)  Fairmont Le Manoir RichelF+374
T34David Iaderosa (a)  Public PlayerF+374
T34Normand Martel (a)  Cerf GCF+374
T34Dwight Reinhart (a)  Eagle Creek GCF+374
T34Marc-Etienne Bussieres (p)  LongChampF+374
T34James Colin Davis (p)  Whitlock G&CCF+374
T34Antoine Sale (a)  Rivermead GCF+374
T34Marc Hurtubise (p)  Vieux-VillageF+374
T34Simon Gaudet (a)  Montcalm GCF+374
T46Francis Rivard (a)  Public Golfer-Golf QuébecF+475
T46Philip Morgan (a)  BeaconsfieldF+475
T46Jean-Guy Garnier (a)  Royal Quebec GCF+475
T46William Blanchard (p)  Club De Golf RosemereF+475
T46Tim Alarie (p)  St-JérômeF+475
T46Clément Herviou (p)  Royal Quebec GCF+475
T46Pierre-Alexandre Bédard (p)  Cap-RougeF+475
T46Mathieu Bélanger (a)  TempêteF+475
T46Jean-Sébastien Bonin (a)  Golf Saint-RaphaëlF+475
T46Luc Guilbault (a)  Public PlayerF+475
T46Alexis Chabot (a)  PinegroveF+475
T46Martin Plante (p)  BalmoralF+475
T58John Patrick O’Grady (a)  LoretteF+576
T58Sylvain Harvey (a)  AlpinF+576
T58Warren Sellors (a)  Windmill HeightsF+576
T58Alexis Gemme Piacente (a)  Golf Exécutif MontréalF+576
T58Shawn Farrell (a)  Summerlea G&CCF+576
T58Billy Houle (p)  PortageF+576
T58Jérôme Blais (p)  Venise GCF+576
T58Stephen Layne (a)  Golf Saint-RaphaëlF+576
T58Jean-Michel Paré (p)  VictoriavilleF+576
T58Marc-André Roy (p)  Atlantide GCF+576
T58Philippe Gariepy (p)  Public PlayerF+576
T69Éric Girard (a)  GodefroyF+677
T69Lucas Greco (p)  Club de Golf Ile de MontF+677
T69André Jetté (a)  PinegroveF+677
T69Jean-Sebastien Gatineau (a)  MilbyF+677
T69Mark Coldham (a)  Ottawa Hunt & GCF+677
T69Hugues Legault (a)  Royal Montreal GCF+677
T69Yannick Milotte Kirouac (a)  Val des Lacs GCF+677
T69Brandon Rattray (a)  Vallée du RichelieuF+677
T69Serge Amyot (a)  Summerlea G&CCF+677
T69Jean Laforce (p)  MontcalmF+677
T79Alexandre Mercier (a)  Versant Golf CenterF+778
T79Jean-Charles Côté (p)  Le VersantF+778
T79Michel Belair (a)  Cap-RougeF+778
T79Éric Paquin (a)  Ki-8-EbF+778
T79Vincent Grenier-Roy (a)  Vallée du RichelieuF+778
T79Jean-Sebastien Bérubé (a)  Triangle d’OrF+778
T79Denis Girard (p)  EpiphanieF+778
T79Pascal Beaumier (p)  Country Club of MontréalF+778
T79Ryan Galbraith (a)  Summerlea G&CCF+778
T79Éric Laporte (p)  Montcalm GCF+778
T89Massimo Roch (p)  Mirage GCF+879
T89Paul Ross (a)  Versant Golf CenterF+879
T89Marc Leblanc (a)  Champetre GCF+879
T89Gilles Jr Guillemette (a)  TempêteF+879
T89Éric Gingras (a)  DorchesterF+879
T89Peter Dalahanis (p)  Public PlayerF+879
T89Ryan Boyd (a)  Royal Montreal GCF+879
T89Daniel Santerre (p)  BeaconsfieldF+879
T89Terry Cowan (p)  Eagle Creek GCF+879
T89Angie Ethier (p)  Vieux-VillageF+879
T89Jean-Philip Cornellier (p)  PinegroveF+879
T89Charles-David Trepanier (a)  Royal Quebec GCF+879
T101André Cléroux (a)  Islesmere GCF+980
T101Yvan Deschênes (a)  TempêteF+980
T101Benjamin Perron (a)  St-Georges GCF+980
T101Alexander Brisebois (a)  Kanata G&CCF+980
T101Doug Eccles (a)  Royal Montreal GCF+980
T101Paul Schofield (a)  BouchervilleF+980
T101Chris Henri (a)  Royal Montreal GCF+980
T101Charles-Éric Bélanger (a)  Royal Quebec GCF+980
T109Philippe Ricard (a)  Quatre-Domaines GCF+1081
T109Philippe Isabel-Dion (p)  Thetford CurlingF+1081
T109Ryan Sevigny (a)  Eagle Creek GCF+1081
T109Marc-Antoine Hotte (a)  Mirage GCF+1081
T113Francois Caron (a)  BouchervilleF+1182
T113Sébastien Lefebvre (a)  Hemmingford S&CCF+1182
T113Jonathan Vermette (a)  Royal Quebec GCF+1182
T113Louis-Francois Charpentier (a)  KnowltonF+1182
T117Jeff Houston (a)  Royal Montreal GCF+1283
T117Bernard Tremblay (a)  TempêteF+1283
T117Jeremy Renaud (a)  Club De Golf RosemereF+1283
T117Étienne Lesieur (a)  Cap-RougeF+1283
T117Bo Zhang (a)  Vallée du RichelieuF+1283
122Jérôme Bédard (a)  LévisF+1384
T123Carl St-Arnaud (a)  Public PlayerF+1485
T123Dave Dumas (a)  Domaine du Lac Saint-JeanF+1485
T123Daniel Gélinas (a)  KanawakiF+1485
126Chris Campbell (a)  Ottawa Hunt & GCF+1687
127Dominic Brabant (a)  Country Club of MontréalF+1788
128Marc-Olivier Amnotte (a)  Mirage GCF+1889
129Sylvain Locas (a)  Quatre-Domaines GCF+2596