COBRA Golf Unveils Their First All-Hollow Body Iron – Hybrid Set

“Baffler” technology – essentially two rails that extend below the sole of the club to reduce turf resistance, debuted in Cobra Golf products in the 1970’s.

It is still in use today. That a pretty positive sign that it is somewhat effective.

You’ll find the latest iteration in the recently announced T-RAIL irons, the first fully hollow-bodied iron-hybrid set from the manufacturer.

These take on the needs of golfers looking for as much help as possible in their iron ball flight, treading heavily into the super game improvement category.

The last part of the prior sentence tends to scare off some people; expecting a set of golf clubs that put the priority on performance over looks, but that’s not exactly the case here.

In the T-RAIL you’ll find what appears to be a hybrid body but it is fronted by an iron-like face and top-line, for the best of both worlds.

The forged steel face has some “pop” to it for strong ball speeds, but the additional advantage is a deep and hollow body with a low centre of gravity to help your initial launch. The rails on the bottom also help the head glide through a variety of conditions, be it turf or otherwise.

“T-RAIL irons make it easy for beginners and golfers who have lost some distance and control to gain the confidence needed to play better and have more fun,” said Tom Olsavsky, VP of R&D, COBRA Golf.  “Players who need max forgiveness and are looking for more distance will be amazed at how far and straight they hit these, even being able to get them airborne from tough lies.”  

There are models configured for both men and women with a 7-piece combo of clubs in the option of either graphite or steel shafts.

Both sets start shipping to retail on November 1, 2019.