Domville Dominating Slammer Tour

Craig Domville continues to dominate the Ottawa-Gatineau Slammer Tour Rankings presented by Combat Hockey.

Just behind Domville in the rankings are Brent Phillipp and Kevin Baldelli.

The Tour will continue outdoor events throughout October.

This week will be another busy one for the Tour with events at Loch March, Canadian, eQuinelle, Gatineau, and Cedarhill.

On Saturday, Gatineau Golf Club will host 140 Executive Golf members, Slammer Tour members and guests for the annual EG Wind Up tournament.

1. Craig Domville

2. Brent Phillipp

3. Kevin Baldelli

4. Gabe Louli

5. Greg McComb

6. Zac Wood

7. Bernie Trudel

8. Paul Van Berkel

9. Justin Riopelle

10. David McBain

11. Andy Rajhathy

12. Philip Hitchen

13. Colin MacDougall

14. Terry Benson

15. Bob Pepin

16. Terry Kuzma

17. Michael Muise

18. Wayne Coyle

19. Brian Kebic

20. Paul Davey

21. Fern Asselin

22. Terry Lauzon

23. Jim Backs

24. Kevin Mulholland

25. Michel Hotte

26. Bob Carty

27. Marc Beauvais

28. Eric Smith

29. Alain Roy

30. Steve Swanson