Podcast – Fairways Fund Supporting Junior Golfers Throughout World

Fairways Fund Boliva (Submitted Photo)

The movement to get younger people involved with golf is definitely growing. You only had to look around at the 2017 CP Women’s Open to see more fresh faces than ever in the crowds. The same went for the RBC Canadian Open. At both events kids turned out in droves to take advantage of the Golf Canada offer of free tickets for children under 17.

The game draws interest around the world, but some kids don’t have the same opportunities to take part. As such, some people are making an effort to do something about it.

One of those people is Tiffany Chaisson, a transplanted Aussie now spending her summers in Canada but also putting in a lot of miles spreading the game of golf around the world. She is doing so via the non-profit organization she started, Fairways Fund.

We met up with Chaisson at the recent CP Women’s Open in Ottawa to find out more about Fairways Fund, and just how it is bringing golf to underprivileged children around the globe.

Flagstick.com Podcast – Tiffany Chaisson, Fairways Fund (August, 2017)