Golf Season Underway In Ottawa

National Capital residents can finally get outside with their new golf clubs and watch the ball fly for real.

Kevin Haime of the golf centre that carries his name says their Kanata, Ontario facility will be open Thursday, February 23rd at 10 a.m.

Mild weather of late has allowed the operation to get their range plowed and free of snow and ready to welcome eager golfers.  The tee line is supplemented by 3000 watt personal heaters so golfers need not fear catching a chill while they take part in early season practice.

Haime says it is the earliest opening ever for them.  “It beats the year 2000 by a few days.  We had el Nino that year and it was pretty mild.  This has been even better.”

It was obvious that golfers were excited by the news of the opening.  After Haime sent out a tweet at 4:21 p.m. on Wednesday about the early opening date his Twitter stream blew up with Retweets and he was trending in Ottawa.

The calendar might say February but, apparently,  in Ottawa it’s golf season.