Guest Blog w/ Symetra Tour Member Elizabeth Tong: Patterns

Elizabeth Tong (Photo: Symetra Tour)

(Ed. Note: We’re proud to have Thornhill, Ontario’s Elizabeth Tong share her adventures with us here at Flagstick.com and Ontario Golf News Digest. The 2018 Symetra Tour in underway and the former Golf Canada National Team Member is not only back to the links but back on the keyboard as she Blogs on ETONG Golf.)

Part of her latest entry: 

“Patterns are a beautiful thing. Our lives are defined by them whether we want them to or not. We are habitual creatures by default and patterns arise without our conscious acknowledgment all the time. But why do patterns like these occur? I’m not quite sure, but patterns are incredibly insightful. The most practical use of patterns is to see progression or find a weakness. For example, discovering that you always shoot your best/worst score on the last day of a tournament is common one. But I think the greatest use of patterns comes from their ability to deliver tremendous perspective.”

To read more about the recent patterns in the golf season of Elizabeth Tong, see her latest Blog post here. 

You can find Elizabeth on Twitter – @lizabeth_tong