Help…When Will It End? Better Yet; When Will It Start?

For all you Canadian golfers, especially those of you in Eastern Canada, can you believe the weather? Old man winter does not want to give up.

Here it is March 28, I am getting ready to spend two days at the Ottawa-Gatineau Golf Expo, and there is literally several feet of snow on the ground in Canada’s National Capital. It is hard to imagine that only a month from now several competitive golf tournaments are set to play out. Unfortunately for those golfers participating, they will have little time to whip their games into shape unless they have been working indoors and/or made a few forays south.

I am hoping to be out on the links myself soon but until then I will have to sit here on my computer staring at golf course photos. At least they give me some hope about the golfing days to come.

I am sure they will arrive but when it will be sure seems to be a big mystery given the current weather conditions.

Back to dreaming – all I can do for now. ahhhh!!! That’s better. I guess…