Julien Sale Repeats as Tunis Champion

Julien Sale (Photo: Joe McLean, Flagstick.com)

(Manotick, Ontario) – The weather gods looked down favourably on the golfers playing in the second round of the Golf Quebec Alexander of Tunis Championship at the Rideau View Golf Club in the Manotick section of the City of Ottawa on Friday, July 5.

In fact, everybody was on their way and hopefully home by the time the clouds unleashed a torrential downpour accompanied by lightning that plagued the region.

Apart from the Golf Quebec and Ottawa Valley Golf Association officials who ran a wonderful championship, the happiest person at Rideau View was Julien Sale from the Rivermead Golf Club who backed up his first round 66 with a second round score of 67. His total score of minus 11 set a new record for the event and gave him a second consecutive title at the Tunis.

Julien Sale, 2019 Alexander of Tunis Champion (Photo: Joe McLean, Flagstick.com)

Flagstick Golf Magazine caught up with Mr. Sale shortly after he signed his scorecard to make his win official.

“My last five holes were pretty good”, said Julien Sale about his play in the final round. He continued, “It was getting crazy at the end. When I went through 9, I heard that someone earlier in the competition today had shot minus 5 on the front nine. I said to myself that I had to play well and try and make a couple of birdies on the back nine. So I stuck to my game plan and it worked out pretty well. I was struggling a little but I had a couple of great ups and downs on 11 and 12 for pars and then the birdies came after that.”

For the record, Julien had 1 birdie and 1 bogie on the front nine. On the back nine he had 1 bogie and 4 birdies and then capped off his round with an eagle three on the final hole.

Flagstick followed the final group and witnessed some excellent golf shots throughout the day from Julien, Dwight Reinhart from Eagle Creek and Olivier Menard from Whitlock Golf Club. Unfortunately Dwight’s putter let him down and he faded to a tie for 19th place. Meanwhile, Olivier was pretty steady on the front with one bogie and eight pars. On the back side he had one bogie and birdies on the finishing three holes. His final round of 1 under par 71 put him into sole possession of 3rd place.

But what about second place in the Tunis? As we were waiting to interview our Tunis Champion, we heard that Eagle Creek’s Ryan Sevigny had posted the low round of the day with a 66 (-6) to back up his first day round of 1 under par 71. This gave Ryan sole possession of 2nd place.

Flagstick caught up with Ryan Sevigny after the Tunis Trophy Presentation and asked the 2018 Golf Quebec Players Champion about his final round chase for the title.

“Honestly, my game today was an adventure”, said Mr. Sevigny. He continued, “I got off to a pretty rough start but it was very similar to the day before. I didn’t hit a good tee ball on the first hole and oddly enough I was in the left side bunkers on the first three holes. I made a good recovery on the first hole, I hit a hybrid onto the green to lie three and made par. I made a good up and down on two but I got myself into a little trouble on three and made a bogie and thankfully it turned out to be my only bogie on the day. I was still feeling good when I got to four and I rolled in a putt for birdie where my pace was a little too firm but it just went dead center. I followed that with a 30 foot putt for another birdie on five. On six, I made a good approach and rolled in my putt for my third birdie in a row. From there on, I just tried to play smart.”

Sevigny continued, “I used to be a junior member at Rideau View and I had this event on my radar for some time and I wanted to make a good showing out here. I think some of my past course knowledge helped on the back nine. I made a good birdie on ten, the 14 was another long putt where it was a little firm, it popped up and dropped into the cup for a birdie. I thought, well it’s just that kind of a day. I really avoided mistakes after that. I wasn’t really scrambling which was great because that’s exhausting. I was hitting a lot of greens and giving myself good looks. I made a great putt on 17 for a birdie and I played 18 great looking to finish with a final birdie and post a score. For a time, I was leader in the clubhouse, so I’m proud of myself in that regard. I knew Julien would finish strong just the way the course was set up. His resume, as short as it is currently, is great. To lose to a player like that, I’m holding my head high.”

Overall, Ottawa area players played well as twelve of them finished in the top 21 at the 2019 Alexander of Tunis. Apart from Julien Sale and Ryan Sevigny finishing 1-2, Mark Coldham from the Ottawa Hunt finished in a tie for 4th; Eagle Creek’s Jake Bryson and Rivermead’s Robert Mackay finished in a tie for 6th; Rivermead’s Antoine Sale finished in a tie for 8th and Royal Ottawa’s Romi Dilawri finished in a tie for 12th. Tied for 14th were Camelot’s Nicholas Workun, Rideau View’s Tim Sullivan and Rivermead’s Maxime Marengere, and tied for 19th were Rideau View’s Stephen Fritsch and Eagle Creek’s Dwight Reinhart.

Many of the competitors used the Tunis Championship as a warm-up for the OVGA Intersectionals and judging by the play at Rideau View, there should be some great matches as part of that competition.

Congratulations to all of the Ottawa Valley Competitors in the Golf Quebec Alexander of Tunis Championship. They all put on a great show.

Full Leaderboard

1Julien Sale  Rivermead GC-11F-56667133
2Ryan Sevigny  Eagle Creek GC-7F-67166137
3Olivier Ménard  Whitlock G&CC-6F-16771138
T4Mark Coldham  Ottawa Hunt & GC-5F-47168139
T4Marc-Antoine Hotte  Mirage GC-5F-26970139
T6Jake Bryson  Eagle Creek GC-3F-37269141
T6Robert Mackay  Rivermead GC-3F-17071141
T8Étienne Papineau  Pinegrove-2F-47468142
T8Raphael Lapierre-Messier  Pinegrove-2F-37369142
T8Antoine Sale  Rivermead GC-2F-37369142
T8Étienne Brault  Pinegrove-2FE7072142
T12Marc-Olivier Plasse  Kanawaki-1FE7172143
T12Romi Dilawri  The Royal Ottawa GC-1F-17271143
T14Jean-Christophe Gagnon  LoretteEF-57767144
T14Solomon Coupal  BlainvillierGCEF-17371144
T14Nicholas Workun  Camelot G & CCEF-17371144
T14Timothy Sullivan  Rideau View GCEF+17173144
T14Maxime Marengère  Rivermead GCEF+27074144
T19Simon Gaudet  Montcalm GC+1F-47768145
T19Stephen Fritsch  Rideau View GC+1F-27570145
T19Dwight Reinhart  Eagle Creek GC+1F+66778145
T22David Tweddell  Lac St-Joseph+2F-17571146
T22Brandon Rattray  Vallée du Richelieu+2F-17571146
T22Jimmy Jozwiak  Rivermead GC+2F-17571146
T22Michael Farquharson  Rideau View GC+2FE7472146
T22Jeffrey Lebeau  LongChamp+2F+17373146
T22James Parsons  Eagle Creek GC+2F+27274146
T22Ben Bell  Ottawa Hunt & GC+2F+37175146
29Sebastien Cote  Hautes Plaines+3F-27770147
T30Stephen Layne  Golf Saint-Raphaël+4F+27474148
T30Hugo Denis  Mirage GC+4F+27474148
T30Mathieu Bélanger  Royal Quebec GC+4F+37375148
T30Luc Guilbault  Public Player+4F+47276148
T30William Duquette  Laval-sur-le-Lac Club+4F+47276148
T35Alexis Chabot  Pinegrove+5FE7772149
T35Zachary Tosi  Kanawaki+5FE7772149
T35Brandon White  Camelot G & CC+5FE7772149
T35Skyler Sicoli  Rideau View GC+5FE7772149
T35Warren Sellors  Windmill Heights+5F+17673149
T35Charles-David Trepanier  Royal Quebec GC+5F+27574149
T35Jean Bilodeau  Boucherville+5F+37475149
T35Brady Atchison  Rideau View GC+5F+37475149
T35Samuel Roy  Wyldewood Golf & Country+5F+37475149
T35Chris Henri  Royal Montreal GC+5F+47376149
T35Alexander Brisebois  Kanata G&CC+5F+47376149
T46Malcolm Simpson  Rideau View GC+6F+37575150
T46Alexandre Mercier  Club De Golf Rosemere+6F+37575150
T46Chris Mccuaig  Ottawa Hunt & GC+6F+47476150
T46Peter Harrison  Ottawa Hunt & GC+6F+77179150
T50Étienne Lesieur  Royal Quebec GC+7F+27774151
T50Nicholas Brisebois  Eagle Creek GC+7F+37675151
T50Alexandre Carrière  BlainvillierGC+7F+47576151
T50Jérôme Bédard  Lévis+7F+47576151
T50Christian Meliambro  Kanata G&CC+7F+67378151
T55Anthony Lemoine-Hoefsmit  Rivermead GC+8F+37775152
T55Ryan Mitchell  Royal Montreal GC+8F+47676152
T55Éric Paquin  Ki-8-Eb+8F+77379152
T58Brendan Kuffner  The Royal Ottawa GC+9F+47776153
T58Chris Campbell  Ottawa Hunt & GC+9F+87380153
T60Frédérick Garneau  St-Georges GC+10F+57777154
T60Jonathan Vermette  Royal Quebec GC+10F+67678154
T60Nikolai Tolstoy  Rivermead GC+10F+67678154
T60Martin Ouellet  Public Player+10F+77579154
T60Maxx Rochette  Ottawa Hunt & GC+10F+77579154
T60Thomas Vezina  Public Golfer-Golf Québec+10F+97381154
T66Marc-Antoine Sanfaçon  Lévis+11F+67778155
T66Tahir Shamji  Rideau View GC+11F+67778155
T66Anthony Richard  Royal Quebec GC+11F+77679155
T69Jasmin Lecompte  Whitlock G&CC+13F+87780157
T69Alexandre Morin  Tecumseh+13F+87780157
T71Richard Brochu  The Royal Ottawa GC+16F+117783160
T71Carl St-Arnaud  Ki-8-Eb+16F+137585160
73Tyler Pajot  Camelot G & CC+17F+127784161