Keltic Cup Raises Funds For Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

The players prepare for the 2016 Keltic Cup Classic at The Marshes (Photo: Joe McLean)
The winners, the Lamont Team (Photo: Andrew Donaldson)

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation benefits from funds raised at the Annual Keltic Cup Charity Golf Classic hosted by The Marshes Golf Club in Kanata.

Presented by Chmiel Architects and Advanced Business Imaging in association with the Lumière Gala and the Brookstreet Hotel and many other local sponsors, the Keltic Cup Charity Golf Classic ran its 4th annual event on September 16, 2016.

When asked about the impetus to start this charity event four years ago, Richard Chmiel of Chmiel Architects responded,

“I was asked by the Cancer Foundation to give a donation and I knew that I couldn’t give them a big donation, so I suggested that I run a golf tournament and every year we’ll contribute to the foundation. The good thing about the Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft Centre is their cancer coaching. If you are a single person and you get cancer what do you do? And after your treatment what do you do if you’re on your own? The Maplesoft Centere is great, if you have questions after being diagnosed with cancer and before or after your treatment, you can receive support from cancer professionals. If we can raise $20 to $30 thousand a year, it’s a great way to support the Cancer Foundation.

A lot of people in industry that I know very well have supported this event and come out every year. We don’t try and run a huge event. We try to cap it at 100 golfers, keeping it small and intimate and the competitive format appeals to them. The tie-in with the Lumière Gala gives our event an added flavour for our participants.”

Grace Moreland is the Community Events Manager for The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and Flagstick asked her about the Foundation and how the money raised at this event is spent locally.

“We’ve been around since 1995 and we support local cancer care. All of the funds that are raised here stay here in the community. We have cancer coaching where we have health professionals who can assist cancer patients and their caregivers through all phases of their initial diagnosis, treatment and recovery. These cancer coaches help navigate cancer patients through their cancer journey. The funds we receive are also used for clinical trials and cancer research. Events like the Keltic Cup Charity Golf Classic as well as other events are very important to us as they provide the funding for our cancer programs.”

A full day of Ryder Cup type competition with six holes of alternate shot, six holes of better ball and six holes of individual play was the format for the Keltic Cup competition. Team Lamont and Team FCI were the two top scoring teams during the day and by the tournament rules were involved in a three-hole playoff for the Keltic Cup and a trip for four to Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia with Team Lamont winning the playoff.

Participants in the Keltic Cup Charity Golf Classic are always winners as soon as they check-in and receive their registration gifts and by playing on one of the top golf courses in the Ottawa Valley as well as attending the Lumière Gala at the Brookstreet Hotel.

They also take pride in knowing that the funds raised in the Keltic Cup Charity Golf Classic are assisting cancer patients and clinic trials as well as cancer research in the Ottawa Valley.

Congratulations to organizers, participants and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation for your efforts in this very worthwhile charity event.

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