Kiawah Moments

As a golf journalist I get the question all the time: “What is your favorite course? What’s the hardest course you played? etc, etc…

I have a hard time answering that question as these things are so subjective but one layout that easily warms my heart is the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island.

I have written extensively on the place through the years. So much so that the 3 inch thick PR binder is an office fixture. From The Sanctuary (their world class hotel) through to their five spectacular golf courses and so much more, the Kiawah Island Golf Resort is a perennial chart topper for many.

The ocean swept island resting along the Atlantic is both dramatic and romantic, making it a suitable destination for those of the singular, group, or couple contingent. I have already traveled there with my wife (she was awed as well) and I hope to return at some point with my young daughter in tow as well.

As a golfer the gem is clearly the Ocean Course, a Pete Dye stunner that has hosted the Ryder Cup, World Cup, Senior PGA Championship, and will welcome the world in 2012 for the PGA Championship.

As could be expected, playing the course is not an affair for the faint of heart, wallet division. That is not to say it is not worth every penny – I would sooner shell out for the chance to traverse it’s fairways than do the same on the left coast at the more well-known Pebble Beach Golf Links.

And if you are not making the trek to the Charleston, SC area and Kiawah soon I do have one recommendation about how you can get to know the Ocean Course better – just to fully understand what I am talking about.

Head over to a new web site World Golf Tour, and play the Ocean Course for yourself in this highly addictive web-based simulation. They used great aerial photographs with 3D panoramas to illustrate the game.

For those who have been to play the Ocean Course it will likely rekindle wonderful memories (and some bunker horrors) and I think it will drive everyone else to get to the phone and make a reservations.

If you can’t make real memories, at least you can have a few virtual moments.

And you’ll comprehend why Kiawah comes to mind when all those popular questions come up again and again.