Matt Robinson To Succeed Paul Sherratt As Head Professional at Rideau View Golf

Matt Robinson left) with Bob Vokey of Titleist

The plan is in place for 2019 when it comes to the role of Head Professional at the Rideau View Golf Club in Manotick, Ontario.

It was made known last year that this would be the last for Paul Sherratt, currently in his 41st year as the Head Professional. The question remained: “Who would fill his role?” The answer is now official.

Current Director of Instruction Matt Robinson will take on the Head Professional title in 2019 while still maintaining his Instructional position. Paul Sherratt will become the Pro Emeritus.

Robinson grew up playing at Rideau View, progressed to the shop under the tutelage of Sherratt, and is known for his development of a high-level teaching program. It is one that helped him earn him the PGA of Canada Teacher of The Year honours in 2017.

You can read more about the transition plan in the “Monday Finish” by Chris Stevenson directly on the Rideau View Golf Club Facebook page at this link.