New Ontario Mini Tour

Ontario Players TourA reader was nice enough to pass on a tip today about a new professional golf tour being established in Ontario.

It looks as if the tour is set up to compete directly with the well-established Great Lakes Tour.

The preliminary schedule for the Ontario Players Tour found on their website indicated that there is at least 8 tournaments planned for 2010.

Their players committee looks to be a group of players with a wide-ranging amount of experience.  It includes former Nationwide Tour player Brian McCann and Canadian Tour veteran Craig Marseilles.  Canadian Golf Hall of Fame member Dick Grimm is also touted as a special advisor to the tour.

There are 2 one-day events and 6 two-day events on this year’s calendar including a multiple day event at Black Bear Ridge Golf Course near Belleville.

Purses will vary by the number of entrants, as is standard for most mini-tours, and entry fees run from $195 for single day events to $500 per two-day tournament.

When we hear more details about the tour we will be happy to pass them on.