New Ottawa Slammer Tour Rankings

David Ibit has jumped to the top of the Indoor Rankings for the Ottawa Chapter of the Slammer Tour as of February 23, 2010.  Knowing Dave personally and having played with him just a couple years ago at the Loyalist Country Club, I am not too surprised.  This passionate golfer, teacher, and father works hard at his golf game.  Congratulations Dave; now let’s see how long you can stay at the top!

Combat Hockey Slammer Tour Indoor Rankings

1 Dave Ibit
2 Jerry Stewart
3 Marco San Pedro
4 Gabriel Louli
5 Lisa Muise
6 Stan Horton
7 Jamie Ryan
8 Jeff Walsh
9 Kevin Baldelli
10 Zachary Baldelli
11 Michael Muise
12 Randy Seymour
13 Alex Kunadze
14 Calvin Pride
15 Colin Harding
16 Bob Irvine
17 Stephen Day
18 Brian Bonner
19 Simon Lapointe
20 Andrew Rajhathy
21 JP Sauve
22 Michel Denis
23 Tony Badmus
24 Marc Ffrench
25 Terry Kuzma
26 Andrew Penny
27 Eric Smith
28 Gilles Peladeau
29 Ric Brown
30 Dru Lafave