Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club Wins OVGA Men’s A Intersectional Title

Ottawa Hunt Intersectional Team (Photo: Joe McLean)

Another beautiful sunny day across the Ottawa Valley greeted participants in the Ottawa Valley Golf Association’s Men’s Intersectional rounds at 17 host golf clubs. Sixty-five OVGA Member Clubs and their 780 members competed on the day.

In the “A” Division of the OVGA Intersectionals, Rideau View was attempting to win their 5th consecutive title and the Golf-O-Max Trophy. At the end of the day and in a tight race, they finished 4 points short of their goal.

The Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club Team finished the day with 42 points and was awarded the trophy by OVGA President Gerry Bower. This means that the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club will host the “A” Division Intersectional round in 2019. Rideau View and Camelot golf clubs will also head to the Hunt with their respective 2nd and 3rd place finishes. The Prescott Golf Club will move down to “B” Division being hosted by Rivermead Golf Club. Carleton Golf & Yacht Club was the winner of the tie-breaker in “B” Division and will move up to play at the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club also in 2019.

Players taking the maximum 6 points in their matches were Sebastian Deguire, Peter Harrison and Mark Coldham (Ottawa Hunt & Golf); Brady Atchison and Tim Sullivan (Rideau View) and Zak Car, MacKenzie Wadley (Camelot G & CC).

Members of the 2018 winning Intersectional Team from the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club were Dave Ross, Brendan Bell, Sebastian Deguire, Peter Mac Ewen, Dave Gaylord, Brent Rebus, Chris Packman, Peter Harrison, Chris McCuaig, Ben Bell, Chris Bockstael and Mark Coldham.

Flagstick caught up with a beaming Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club Captain Bill Holmes and asked him about the team win.

OVGA President Gerry Bower with Ottawa Hunt Captain Bill Holmes

“It’s a pretty happy day for the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club. We come to Rideau View a lot and we’ve gone home a little disappointed too many times, but this time as they always do, the players played hard and it finished up the way I hoped it would. I’m thrilled and I’m very proud of our team. For us and I’m sure it’s the same at every golf course, the Intersectional tryout is one of the biggest events on our golf calendar. A lot of players attempt to qualify and those that don’t make the team volunteer to caddie or they go to the event as spectators to cheer their team on. We’re going to have a little party at the Hunt Club tonight.”

Since 2002 in the “A” Division of the OVGA Men’s Intersectionals, only two teams have won the trophy. With today’s win, the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club has 5 wins and Rideau View has 12 wins. Both clubs are passionate about staying in the top division of the Ottawa Valley Golf Association Men’s Intersectionals and the 2019 event will be no different.

Congratulations to all of the team participants in the 2018 OVGA Men’s Intersectionals and also to the many golfers at their home clubs who attempted to make their club teams.

Full Results

JULY 8, 2018 – 8 JUILLET, 2018
Sponsored by / commandité par: GOLFOMAX
SECTION / DIVISION (H) = host club/club d’acceuil
A Position Points
Ottawa Hunt 1 42
Rideau View (H) 2 38
Camelot 3 25
Prescott 4 15
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Ottawa Hunt Sebastian Deguire, Peter Harrison, Ben Bell, Mark Coldham,
Rideau View (H) Brady Atchison, Tim Sullivan
Camelot Zak Car, Mackenzie Wadley
Prescott NA
B Position Points
Carleton 1 40
Rivermead 2 40
GreyHawk (H) 3 26
Pembroke 4 14
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Carleton David Wright, Michael Ferguson, Zac McEvoy, Jared Coyle, Curtis Dancy
Rivermead Gabriel Franco, Shaun Perry, Gord Saikaley, Adam Enright
GreyHawk (H) Dave Patel
Pembroke NA
C Position Points
Royal Ottawa 1 51
Tecumseh (H) 2 30
Mississippi 3 20
Kanata 4 19
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Royal Ottawa Hugo Laplante, Dan Baldwin, Mike O’Dell, Max Lizondo, John Bethune, Simon Desjardins
Tecumseh (H) Alex Morin
Mississippi NA
Kanata Dylan Pudrycki
D Position Points
Hylands (H) 1 44
Sand Point 2 37
Perth 3 20
Rockland 4 19
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Hylands (H) Yves Biron, Brian McIntosh, Tom Hossfeld
Sand Point Jason Kittner, Taylor Collins
Perth Dan Bourque
Rockland NA
E Position Points
Hautes Plaines (H) 1 47
Buckingham 2 38
Renfrew 3 20
Smiths Falls 4 15
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Hautes Plaines (H) James Labelle , Martin Mayrand, Patrick Maguire ,Philip Westfall
Buckingham Sébastien Prévost
Renfrew Jeff Russel , Kip Mulvihill
Smiths Falls NA
F Position Points
Algonquin 1 52
Madawaska (H) 2 28
Deep River 3 23
Greensmere 4 17
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Algonquin Eric Landreville, Guillaume Boisvert, Brad Hicks, Marc Hubert, Vincent Corteau, Andre Barbe, Dominic Gauthier
Madawaska (H) Perry Freda
Deep River NA
Greensmere Tony Wilson
G Position Points
Eagle Creek (H) 1 41
Kingsway 2 31
Stittsville 3 31
Pakenham 4 17
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Eagle Creek (H) John Ackehurst, Tim Lemoyne, Drew Edmunds
Kingsway Alain Noel, Jean-François Dagenais
Stittsville Joe Gamble, Derek Cantley
Pakenham NA
H Position Points
Mountain Creek 1 34
Hammond (H) 2 31
Cedarhill 3 28
Upper Canada 4 27
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Mountain Creek Gregory Schaepper
Hammond (H) Brandon Belo, Gregg Murphy, Larry Couture
Cedarhill Tom Pulcine, Greg Nezan
Upper Canada Bob Mann, Lance Lepage
l Position Points
Brockville CC (H) 1 58
Mont Cascades 2 36
Dragonfly 3 18
Glengarry 4 8
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Brockville CC (H) David Flood, Rob Charboneau, Mark Peacock, Yagiz Tuna, Ted Broome, Mike Chevrier, Mike Paquette, Dale Robertson, Pat Lindsay
Mont Cascades Steve Périard
Dragonfly NA
Glengarry NA
J Position Points
Petawawa (H) 1 51
Canadian 2 41
Nationview 3 20
Metcalfe 4 8
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Petawawa (H) Darren Roach,Marty Legault, Rem List, Doug Rose, Mike Summersgill, Mark Swansburg
Canadian Zach Reading, Chuck Matthewson,Gord Scott
Nationview NA
Metcalfe NA
K Position Points
eQuinelle 1 52
Cedar Glen 2 33
Lombard Glen (H) 3 27
Iroquois 4 8
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
eQuinelle Steve Papousek, Sean Miller, Marc Ethier, Wes Cory, Logan Henry, Derek McLean, Owen Henry
Cedar Glen Dave Bird
Lombard Glen (H) Ricky MacPherson
Iroquois NA
L Position Points
Falcon Ridge 1 47
Stonebridge 2 32
Whitetail 2 31
Roanoke (H) 4 10
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Falcon Ridge Jerry Stewart, Brian Guzzo, David Turnbull, Mike Pion, Gabriel Louli, Stephen Brown,
Stonebridge Kin Choi
Whitetail C. Two Axe, D. Parkes, D. Timm
Roanoke (H) NA
M Position Points
The Meadows (H) 1 52
Pine View 2 43
Lac Ste Marie 3 14
Oaks of Cobden 4 11
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
The Meadows (H) Jerry Kreuk, John Albert, Normand Hotte, Kerry Boire, Jason Stewart, Bob G Irvine
Pine View Daniel Dore, Matt Boucher, Pierre Lauzon
Lac Ste Marie NA
Oaks of Cobden NA
N Position Points
Casselview (H) 1 30
Manderley 2 26
Morrisburg 3 4
Total 60
4 point winners / gagnants de 4 points:
Casselview (H) Nicholas Lafontaine, Nicholas Beauchamps, Tyler Séguin, Charles Raymond, Marc Gauthier, Damien Morin
Manderley Al Thibault, Andrew Fulton, Phil Martin
O Position Points
Gatineau 1 23
Summerheights (H) 2 18
Larrimac 3 19
Total 60
4 point winners / gagnants de 4 points:
Gatineau Luc Côté, Pat Landriault, Luc Larose
Summerheights (H) André Jodoin, Greg Plumadore, Marcel Marion, Bob Johnson
Larrimac Vincent St. Arnaud
P Position Points
Vieux Moulins 1 24
Champlain (H) 2 24
Club EG 3 12
Total 60
4 point winners / gagnants de 4 points:
Vieux Moulins Kevin Smith, Louis Gauvreau, Josh Dedam, Rick St. Denis
Champlain (H) Pierre Hickey, Darren McCartney, Stéphane Lacelle
Club EG Joshua Roesler
Q Position Points
Heritage 1 25
Homestead at WR 2 21
Calabogie (H) 3 14
Total 60
4 point winners / gagnants de 4 points:
Heritage Dan O’Rourke, Claude Sylvestre, Jim Sunday, Pasquale Mongillo
Homestead at WR Ross Hildebrandt, Russ Linton, Thomas Yandernoll, Cutler Lacombe
Calabogie (H) Bob Lomas, Rick Brown