Ottawa Pro Tees It Up With LPGA Teen Sensation

When Ottawa’s Matt Ollson headed to Florida this winter to get some experience playing professional mini-tour golf events, playing against an up and coming LPGA star was not really on his mind.

That all changed Sunday night when the young pro checked the tee sheet for a one day Golfslinger.com Tour he was entered to play in on Monday.  Not only did the field list the name Alexis Thompson, the 16 year old who is already a winner on the LPGA Tour, but it showed that she would be playing with Ollson.

Ollson told Flagstick that it was the highlight of his golf career so far. “She ended up with a 2 under par 70 (5 birdies, 3 bogeys) for the day (T-3) and dusted me by 9 shots!”

He added that although Thompson is younger than him by about 6 years, the teen sensation served him up a lesson in being a pro golfer.  “I never thought I could learn so much from a 16 year girl in my entire life, not only about certain shots but about being a professional and handling yourself the way you are supposed to. She acted and is years beyond what she actually is, you would think she is 26-28 not 16.”

In an email to Flagstick after the round Ollson expanded on his thoughts from the day:

My day today started off with me getting to the course about an hour before our tee time like normal. About 20 minutes later Lexi shows up on the range with her music in and starts to warm up with some one handed wedges that she strikes crisp everytime, I head over to the putting green to try and get the speed on the greens and Lexi comes over to it as well. The first thing I noticed is how much of a presence she has, from how tall she is (5’11”) to the clothes she wears and the way she holds herself with a ton of confidence. You knew every guy there knew she was there, you could notice after each putt or chip somebody would hit they would look up to see what she was doing.

Once we got to the first tee she was quick to introduce herself and right away you could tell she was very genuine and nice. She was second off of the first tee and proceeded to hit a driver about 265 down the center of the fairway. I then hit after her and hit a 3-wood about 5 yards past her, I was so nervous and cannot believe how good of a shot I hit!

She averaged about 265-275 off of the tee and hit driver on every hole, extremely impressive for any girl let alone one that is only 16! The trajectory on her shots were perfect, nice, mid-high with run off of the tee, sky high with the irons and low and crisp with the wedges. She got to play from roughly 10-15 yards in front of us most of the day and I was only hitting it by her by 10-15 yards.

I would honestly say she has the best shoulder turn in golf; it is jaw dropping. Her iron game started off with a few missed greens (which she got up and down each time), but she got it together and started hitting her short irons and wedges very close as the day went on. Easily the best part of her game to me was her short game; chipping was solid and her putting was top notch. She one putted the first 6 greens.

What impressed me the most with Lexi was her personality; she was so sweet, polite, nice and pretty funny! It took a few holes for us to warm up to each other but by the back nine I found I was chatting and joking around with her the whole time. There isn’t a stuck up or snotty bone in her body. She was very focused, firey and intense when it was her time to hit her shot but right after she had a smile on her face and was ready to chat with me.

Once again I can’t say enough about how genuine and sweet she was, she even had time to take a picture or two with me after the round and proceeded to follow me on twitter and send tweets back and forth with me. Needless to say I will be following her on tour and will be a life long fan.  After the round was over and we had signed our cards we took a few pictures together, she introduced herself to my father and introduced us to her brother Nicholas, who also held himself in the same manner and talked to us for 10-15 minutes.

To say the least it was the most fun I’ve had shooting 79.