PING Names Their Canadian Club Fitters Of The Year For 2016

(Photo: PING i200 Iron)

Following their recent revealing of their top club fitters in the United States, on Tuesday PING named their top Canadian club fitters for 2016.

PING says the recognition is for “custom club fitters who consistently deliver on PING’s commitment to a superior fitting experience so golfers can play better and enjoy the game more.”

“For decades, PING has shown the correlation between custom fitting and better scores, and these knowledgeable fitters are helping golfers see the improvement that’s possible when they play equipment accurately fit to their body type and swing,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO in a media release. “With a precise fit comes improved play, and PING – trained fitters have the skill to determine the ideal set of clubs that will bring out the best in a player’s game. We rely heavily on the expertise of our fitters to share our story and are very grateful for their commitment to custom fitting.”

Solheim continued about the importance of the fitting process through their accounts.  “It’s a game-changing and extremely memorable experience for golfers,” Solheim said. “PING fitters will tell you the most gratifying feeling is seeing the player’s reaction when they’re hitting quality shot after quality shot once they’ve been properly fit. That’s what every golfer looks for and it starts with a thorough fitting.”

Fifteen Canadian facilities were named by PING. The full list appears below.