Product Watch: Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart

In many years in golf one thing that always caught my eye in parking lots was people wrestling with a pull/push cart as they struggled to fold it open or closed and get it in or out of their vehicle.

Sure, it’s gotten much easier over the years with better designs but, like everything, it can always get better.

Bag Boy, one of the longest-standing companies in that product space, have been part of that evolution and they continue that progress with the new Nitron Push Cart. They are even bold enough to claim that is is the “fastest opening and closing cart in the industry.”

“Customers, sales representatives, and consumers were all wowed at how simple and quick the Nitron popped open,” says Perry Hilbert, Sales Manager at Dynamic Brands. “There’s no other cart like it on the market.”

The cart drew high-praise at the recent PGA Merchandise Show, especially as show goers found out the secret behind the quick moving mechanism inside the cart.

The “Nitron” name comes from a nitrogen-based operating system that makes the cart pop open almost instantly.

“What puts the Nitron above any other cart golfers have used in the past is simply its effortless open-and-close features. This cart is ready to go in seconds,” said Chris House a Bag Boy retailer from U.S.-based Golf and Ski Warehouse. “The convenience factor alone is reason enough to entice consumers, but it’s still super compact, lightweight and eye-catching.”

The Nitron™ Push Cart will be available April 25th in 8 different color options.

Bag Boy Nitron Cart