Rivermead Senior Women Repeat as OVGA Intersectional Champions

Team Rivermead, 2018 OVGA Senior Women's Intersectionals. (Photo: Joe McLean)

(Gatineau, Quebec) – With the last group in the Ottawa Valley Golf Association’s “A” Division of the Women’s Senior Intersectional round still signing their point cards, OVGA co-ordinator Alex Pugh, because she was asked, was explaining the tie-break procedure.

In the end, that procedure wasn’t required as Rivermead eked out a one-point victory over the women from Hylands Golf Club. Rivermead ended up in the competition with 28 points; Hylands – 27; Royal Ottawa – 24 and Smiths falls – 5.

Members of the winning Senior Women’s Team from Rivermead were Madeleine Barnes, Stella Beaudry, Nancy Desormeau, Josee Lacasse, Lynn Morrison, Lise Perrier, Wanda Pilon and Monique Rouleau.

Gaining the maximum 6 points in their matches were Rivermead’s Stella Beaudry, Josee Lacasse and Lynn Morrison; Royal Ottawa’s Gail Blake and Suzanie Chua and Margot Greeenberg from Hylands.

Congratulations to all the players and their caddies on each team for their sportsmanship in a highly emotional set of well played matches.

Congratulations also to the staff and members at the Rivermead Golf Club for hosting the “A” Division of the OVGA Intersectionals and a special shout out to Derrick Powers and his greenkeeping crew for a beautifully manicured golf course.

Twelve other OVGA Member Clubs also hosted Intersectional Divisions throughout the Ottawa Valley and once their scores have been submitted, we will provide coverage.

Full Results

AUGUST 27, 2018 – 27 AOÛT, 2018
Sponsored by / commandité par: GOLFOMAX
SECTION / DIVISION (H) = host club/club d’acceuil
A Position Points
Rivermead (H) 1 28
Hylands 2 27
Royal Ottawa 3 24
Smiths Falls 4 5
Total 84
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Rivermead (H) S. Beaudry, J. Lacasse, L. Morrison
Hylands M. Gregberg
Royal Ottawa G. Blake, S. Chua
Smiths Falls NA
B Position Points
Ottawa Hunt 1 31
Rideau View 2 24
Rockland 3 20
Carleton (H) 4 9
Total 84
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Ottawa Hunt Diane Hillary, Sandy Foley, Carla Jensen
Rideau View Lynn Arnone,
Rockland NA
Carleton (H) NA
C Position Points
GreyHawk (H) 1 31
Hautes Plaines 2 28
Camelot 3 21
Kanata 4 4
Total 84
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
GreyHawk (H) Sandi McNaughton, Sylvie Scott, Raylene Baker
Hautes Plaines Myriam Boyer, , Gervaise Fortin
Camelot Francine Beauchamp, Liz McCourt
Kanata NA
D Position Points
Sand Point 1 39
Mississippi (H) 2 24
Renfrew 3 14
Tecumseh 4 7
Total 84
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Sand Point Judy Ciphery, Audrey Lawson, Ilene Lavoie, Pauline Walker, Janice Nyeh
Mississippi (H) Colleen Seabrook
Renfrew NA
Tecumseh NA
E Position Points
Greensmere (H) 1 36
Brockville 2 18
Buckingham 3 15
Pembroke 4 15
Total 84
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Greensmere (H) Reinouw Bast, Janet Sheedy, Cindy Lacroix, Mary Shepherd, Joanne Corby
Brockville Marsha Lindsay
Buckingham NA
Pembroke NA
F Position Points
Eagle Creek 1 27
Metcalfe (H) 2 25
Madawaska 3 25
Cedarhill 4 7
Total 84
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Eagle Creek Diana Wilhelm, Elizabeth Stoqua, Brenda Fawcett
Metcalfe (H) Chris Rennie
Madawaska Marilyn Everett
Cedarhill NA
G Position Points
Hammond (H) 1 31
Cornwall 2 23
Summerheights 3 18
Algonquin 4 12
Total 84
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Hammond (H) Chantal Simard, Josée Wolfe, Ghislaine Dumas
Cornwall Lise Lalonde
Summerheights Ann Leduc, Patricia Tetrault
Algonquin Huguette Martel
H Position Points
Prescott (H) 1 36
eQuinelle 2 21
Mountain Creek 3 15
Canadian 4 12
Total 84
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Prescott (H) Bonnie Hardy, Carole Fortin, TJ Hoy, Mia Harrison, Kim Davis
eQuinelle NA
Mountain Creek Denise Rousselle
Canadian NA
l Position Points
Iroquois (H) 1 31
Kingsway 2 24
Oaks of Cobden 3 17
Deep River 4 12
Total 84
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Iroquois (H) Sue Sloan, Gail McCallum, Nancy Barkley
Kingsway Francine Beaulien, Rachelle Bédard
Oaks of Cobden NA
Deep River NA
J Position Points
Perth (H) 1 31
Morrisburg 2 25
Calabogie Highlands 3 14
Roanoke 4 14
Total 84
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Perth (H) Georgina Martin, Jane O’Grady, Lisa Hasler
Morrisburg Barb Sheridan
Calabogie Highlands NA
Roanoke Linda Brazeau
K Position Points
Lac Ste-Marie (H) 1 8
Larrimac 2 6
Total 14
2 point winners / gagnants de 2 points:
Lac Ste-Marie (H) Johanne Fowler, Nancy Webster, Phyllis O’Neill, Louise Bourgon
Larrimac Andrea Koch, Roxanne Gagné, Ricci Doxtater
L Position Points
Stittsville 1 30
Dragonfly (H) 2 26
Petawawa 3 22
Whitetail 4 6
Total 84
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Stittsville Deb Jacobson, Gini Purnell
Dragonfly (H) Bonnie Beattie, Bernie Culhane
Petawawa Gerri Brunette, Heather Strachan
Whitetail NA
M Position Points
Gatineau 1 22
Heritage 2 13
Mt. Cascades (H) 3 7
Total 42
4 point winners / gagnants de 4 points:
Gatineau Diane Lacroix, Jocelyne Gara, Suzanne Rho
Heritage Pierrette Poirier
Mt. Cascades (H) Keltie Findlay-Leclair