South-Eastern Ontario Canadian Tour Event Signs Title Sponsor

In  follow-up to the story we published on October 28th this year, the plans to bring the Canadian Tour to South-Eastern Ontario got a major boost on Thursday.  Flagstick has learned that a prospective title sponsor for the tournament has agreed to a deal with the event promoters.

Although the agreement has been reached in principal, a more formal announcement is expected in early January once all the details of the contract have been taken care of.

“The sponsor has agreed to a support the event each of the next four years, subject to renewal,” said David Dargie, the Tournament Director for Evolution Golf, the promoter for the event.  “We’re pretty excited and looking forward to the next steps.”

This is a the biggest hurdle faced by the event, starting it on a path to reality, although  plenty of other support will be needed to ensure the tournament takes place.  The Canadian Tour normally releases their schedule for the year in January and barring unforeseen circumstances that itinerary will show an event at Smuggler’s Glen Golf Golf Course for September of 2012.  The site for successive years of the tournament has not yet been confirmed to the media but the plan will be for a rotation of courses as host.

On Wednesday the Canadian Tour announced that they had reached a working agreement with the PGA Tour.  It will provide an operating loan as well as logistics support for the Canadian Tour as it looks to solidify it’s position and schedule – something aided by adding events like this one in South-Eastern Ontario.

We will have plenty more details on this story in the days ahead.  It has been a decade since the Canadian Tour visited Eastern Ontario, and it will be the first time ever to have an event along the St. Lawrence River, making this potentially one of the biggest golf events in the region for 2012.