Surprising Day One Winners At Augusta

Nike Golf was the big winner on day 1 of The Masters

Yeah, you’re right.  You cannot win The Masters on Thursday but there was a lot being gained on day one at Augusta National.  Mostly by the golf corporate types.

With what might be one of the biggest Thursday Masters audiences ever tuning in via television and the Internet feeds a few golf companies made out quite well.  Here is my estimation of who garnered the most attention.  Be assured, I did not watch every available minute of the broadcasts so take that into account if you read something that does not seem to jibe.

1.  Nike Golf

Of course.  With the slightly perplexing Wednesday TV spot that primed the pump, Nike Golf made out like a bandit with the return of their number one man and billboard garnering the lion’s share of the attention.  While you did not hear the Nike name often – it certainly got a lot of TV time.  Add in great play by other endorsers like Anthony Kim, Trevor Immelman, and Charl Shwartzel and they cashed in on day one.

2.  “Those Shoes” (otherwise known as ECCO Golf)

Freddy Couples took the lead and hardly anyone missed out on seeing his street style shoes, even if they did not know who they were made by.  Many a discussion and google search followed that resulted in peoeple discovering that indeed Freddy was rocking ECCO Golf Street Premier shoes in a way only he knows how.  They even go a Butler Cabin mention.

3.  Bridgestone Golf

Freddy; Kuchar.  Enough said.  The stylized B logo spent plenty of time splashed in the middle of screens all around the world today.  Freddy as the leader and Kuchar as the wing man for the Tiger group.  Heck, during Kuchar’s ruling on 18 alone he might have had more air time than he has had already this season, in every event combined.

4.  Scratch Golf

This small golf club manufacturer did not have anything to do with Ryan Moore’s dapper attire, save for the hat emblazoned on the side with their logo, but due to the unique flare of Moore’s outfit they got plenty of play on day one.  Their investment keeps paying dividends.

5.  Adams Golf

You would think that with their main endorsers, Tom Watson and Bernhard Langer, playing so well Adams Golf would have ranked higher but their lads barely got enough air time with their early starts.  That should change on Friday, especially if Watson can keep things rolling.