New Value-Priced Golf Balls in the Wilson Golf Plan for 2020

It has already been a big year for Wilson in golf with the introduction of new irons and wedges, and now the sporting goods giant has rolled out two new models of their golf balls.

Leading the way for the brand is the new DUO Soft+ ball that they claim is the softest and longest two-piece golf ball in the world.

It’s not new territory for the brand with their past DUO Soft products but these new ones take softness to an extreme.

They claim a new core technology called Velociticor ™ allows the 35 compression ball to have remarkable feel but still give it a little “pop” for extra distance.

Wilson DUO Soft+

“DUO Soft+ was engineered to give players the ideal blend of longer distances and exceptional feel,” claims Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Golf Ball Innovaton. “With our Velociticor™ technology, we are able to make our DUO lineup even longer while maintaining the soft feel the brand is known for. 

The value-priced ball (a dozen sells for about $20 USD) is available in standard gloss white as of January 27, 2020.

A Brighter Choice

In complement to the DUO Soft+ golf balls, Wilson is also debuting a more colourful option, the DUO Optix golf balls.

Also a low-cost model, the DUO Optix features a smaller core and is finished with a semi-translucent and highly visible cover in bright matte colours.

Those colours include matte red, matte yellow, matte orange and matte green.

Like the DUO Soft+, the DUO Optix come to retail on January 27.